Videos of people on social media using Apple Vision Pro in the most ridiculous and dangerous ways have gone viral

Apple Vision Pro Wearers Are Competing To See Who’s The Goofiest

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Apple Vision Pro reviews from news outlets are in, but it looks like out-in-the-wild demos from laypeople are attracting more eyeballs on social media.

The ‘spatial computing’ headset is so far being lauded for its sophistication and marvelousness. Apple enthusiasts described it as a “glimpse into the future”. But, sceptics are likening it to Black Mirror and Ready Player One

But a small group of sh*tposters and influencers online aren’t taking sides. Instead, for gags and laughs, they’re taking the funny route and filming themselves using Vision Pro in the most unlikely scenarios.

Here are some of the most goofy Vision Pro moments online.  

Vision Pro: After driving your Tesla

With a US$3,4 (AU$5,300) price tag, Apple’s Vision Pro has undeniably become a status symbol. So, who better to flex this ‘spatial computing’ device than Tesla drivers? 

We get it, king, you live in the future.

While driving your Tesla

While the above may have given you a giggle, this Tesla driver was seemingly pushing the boundaries with the law. On a highway in the US, a driver was spotted wearing what appears to be a Vision Pro whilst driving.

Except he’s not exactly driving. Because the Tesla vehicle appears to be on autopilot. We are down so bad.

On the New York Subway

Looks like this genius has figured out how to erase the New York rats from his view whenever he takes the subway: by strapping the Vision Pro to his head to keep himself busy.

Passengers around him did not seem to care, though. Perhaps that’s what a typical day in New York City looks like. Moving along now.

In the pool

Apple influencer and content creator iJustine is all over the Vision Pro, and to stand out from the crowd, she tested the headset in the swimming pool.

“I don’t recommend this because [the Vision Pro] is not waterproof, but I thought I would give it a try,” she said. Sacrificing a thousand-dollar headset in the name of work? She’s taking one for the team. We respect that.

In the shower

Of course it’s a TikToker who figured out peak silliness with the Vision Pro. Eric Decker, a TikTok creator with nearly two million followers on the platform, created a skit that made fun of the average Apple Vision Pro fan.

In the video, Decker can be seen half naked in a shower with what appears to be the Vision Pro strapped to his head.

“Is the Apple Vision Pro waterproof?” asked a user in the comment.

“Uhhh no 💀” Decker responded.

Vision Pro

While many videos of the Vision Pro were legitimate product reviews, the absurdity of some other videos had punters questioning whether they’re purely publicity stunts for attention. Dystopian or not? We’ll let you be the judge.