Threads notifications are super annoying Instagram users

How ‘Dead’ Threads is Annoying Instagram Users With Endless Notifications

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Threads, the text-based social media platform launched by Meta in July 2023, is facing backlash from Instagram users. They are complaining they are receiving unwanted notifications from the app. Unwanted Threads notifications may be the final nail in the platform’s coffin.

Threads, which requires users to have an Instagram account and use the same handle, is closely linked to the photo-sharing platform and allows users to post and share text, images, and videos. 

However, many Instagram users who installed Threads out of curiosity or to follow their friends have since abandoned the app, finding it too similar to Twitter or not engaging enough.

Despite their lack of interest in Threads, these users are still getting notifications from the app through Instagram, urging them to check out new followers, replies, mentions, and other activities.

Some users have reported receiving dozens of notifications per day, which they find annoying, intrusive, and spammy. Many users have expressed their frustration on social media, asking Threads to stop sending them notifications or they will delete their accounts altogether.

No delete situation

Previously, users could not delete Threads without also deleting their Instagram app. This has been changed recently, however, after a backlash on social media platforms. 

Even though you can now chuck Threads without having to also chuck Instagram, that may not stop the notifications from threads. 

By now allowing users to delete Threads without deleting Instagram, Meta may be able to salvage some of its reputation and goodwill. But it may also be too little, too late. Threads may be doomed to become another failed experiment in Meta’s quest for social media domination.


Threads notifications and other problems

The notification issue is not the only problem that Threads is facing. The app has also been criticised for its data collection policies, which have prevented it from launching in the European Union and other countries that have strict privacy regulations. 

The app has also been accused of copying features from Twitter, such as polls, GIFs, and keyword search, without adding much innovation or originality. 

Threads, which was once hailed as the fastest-growing consumer software application in history, gaining over 100 million users in its first five days, seems to have lost its momentum and appeal. 

By annoying its potential users with unwanted notifications, Threads may be signing its own death warrant with an audience who is already fed up with its shiz. 

Threads has an estimated 137 million daily active users as of October 2023. But, they aren’t even close to Instagram’s 1.5 billion, and Twitter’s 500 million. 

After Zuckerberg’s failed Metaverse escapade, it looks like Threads might be resigned to the bin of the internet as well. Let’s keep watching, though, as there are many twists and turns in social media land.