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Magic Eden Hacked: Racy Images Find Their Way Onto Platform

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Magic Eden Hacked: Magic Eden made a major cock up this week after their marketplace – usually known for its catalog of NFT assets across the Solana, Ethereum and Polygon blockchains – showcased images of a sexual nature, as well as shots of the show ‘Big Bang Theory.’

Hoards of corybantic degenerates from across the world burrowed in their parent’s basement – chronically deficient of ultraviolet rays and human companionship – were casually perusing through NFT collections when all of a sudden, something truly bang-on locked on their eyes.

Magic Eden had turned into a single website where you could scroll through jpeg images of cartoon animals, see your fav characters from The Big Bang Theory, all the while looking at racy images. Quite simply, a nerd’s wet dream.

Magic Eden Hacked

Users reported that racy images and Big Bang Theory stills would often be on full-view as temporary placeholders perched in the position where the NFT image would normally be displayed.

In a quickie, Magic Eden blew-up the nerd’s fantasy, tweeting that “our image provider, a 3rd party service we use to cache images, was compromised”, before advising disappointed users to do a “hard refresh on your browser to fix it.”

Twitter user CloutedMind shared a serious, albeit tad humorous, example of how such a compromise could impact collectors in the space:

“This is why on-chain metadata and/or decentralized hosting is important…. imagine u pay 100E for art and it gets changed to porn.”

One dude wrote, “bro I swear I was like I’m tripping”, while another shared “Ayo that 1/1 on the floor 👀.” SolPengu said: “What traits does it have?”

On a serious note, other users didn’t find the ordeal as amusing.

While hacking is a very common event, unfortunately, hacking in combination with exposure audiences to unsavoury images is a double whammy that may upset users enough to abandon ship. Be safe out there!