Killer Whale is the latest reality TV series that is inspired by Shark Tank. Source: YouTube

Killer Whale: There’s Now A ‘Shark Tank’ TV Reality Series For Crypto Entrepreneurs

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Killer Whale is a new reality TV series set to air that will see ambitious Web3 entrepreneurs pitch the wildest projects to a group of industry experts. You can say it is inspired by the hit series Shark Tank.

Killer Whale is being created by popular crypto price tracker CoinMarketCap which is owned by Binance. Another collaborator is Hello Labs, a production company that distributes original programming centred around Web3.

What is Shark Tank?

If you are not familiar with the reality series Shark Tank, here is a quick primer. Aspiring entrepreneurs go on the show to pitch their business to a panel of judges who are also investors. The judges then decide whether or not to invest in their company.

Shark Tank has been around since 2009, and features investors like Kevin O’Leary. O’Leary made a huge name for himself as a backer of failed crypto exchange FTX, and was one of the biggest supporters of Sam Bankman-Fried, the disgraced entrepreneur behind the exchange.

How does it work?

“Killer Whale” works in a similar way to Shark Tank. According to the show’s website, the reality series will comprise five judges from the crypto industry who are “gods of the Web3 world, representing the best in their field.” Any guesses who? We are betting Binance overlord CZ, for one.

Contestants appear before the judges and will be given five minutes to pitch their project, after which they will suffer an interrogation. Successful contestants will receive mentorship from the judges to make their Web3 entrepreneurship dream come true.

Ambitious Web3 punters from all around the world are invited to apply, and both crypto and NFT projects are accepted.

The trailer for Killer Whale is now out on YouTube, which you can watch here. If you are a Web3 entrepreneur reading this, and you are now tempted to appear on TV, submit your application here.

The reality series will premiere on Hello Labs’ on-demand streaming site Hello TV. However, the team behind the show add that it will also be released “across major streaming services.”

Our only question is, will Kevin O’Leary be a guest on the show? Stay tuned.