We Asked Bitcoin Bros How Hard They’ll Be Partying On Bitcoin Halving 4/20 Day

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This coming 4/20 is a special one for many, uh, diverse demographics. For stoners, it’s a holiday to blaze. For Bitcoin enthusiasts, it’s a day of celebration: the historic Bitcoin halving that comes around once every four years

So, we asked some Bitcoin bros across Australia how they’ll be spending the big day.

Santo, 35, Melbourne

Santo runs a ‘premier’ Bitcoin club in Australia. He tells us he’ll be having a joint celebration for the Bitcoin halving and his son’s birthday. Cute.

“We are actually going camping that weekend… we will be celebrating under the stars and talking about Bitcoin. We also have satellite internet, and will watch the block cross over from 839,999 to 840,000 – 840,001 to watch the subsidy drop.”

Steven, 29, Sydney

Steven, a man passionate about the ‘Coin, views Bitcoin halving parties differently. 

“I think Bitcoin halving parties are dumb, but not for the reason you might think. Don’t get me wrong, I think a bunch of crypto guys getting together is always a bad time socially, but apart from the guaranteed snooze fest any of these ‘parties’ will be, it’s also basically signalling to the world ‘Hey look at me I have this precious asset!’”

“Sorry no. Not doing that. Imagine going into the city and going to an ‘I have X amount in my bank account party’ or ‘I have stacks of gold under my bed party’ Like what? That’s really dumb. So it’s just going to be a normal day to me, because I’m not insane. Wish anyone going to these parties all the best though, hope they have a great time.”  

Darren, 43, Brisbane

Darren is a long-time cryptocurrency enthusiast and Bitcoin believer. He tells us he’s helping to organise a Bitcoin halving party at Fortitude Valley, which he describes as “Queensland’s Biggest Halving Event”.

“We have tickets on arrival for a prize draw, our sponsors doing a brief shill, [and] only about thirty minutes of ‘activities’ — then just party.”

Solid game plan.

Shaun, 35, Melbourne

Shaun, a Bitcoin enthusiast from Melbourne tells us he will also be throwing a joint Bitcoin halving celebration and birthday celebration for himself at Third Wave Cafe at Albert Park.

Shaun, who also runs a Web3 project called DeluxeGoat, says he’ll likely “be doing some celebrations and giveaways for my NFT community or an X space to celebrate as a group.”

“I have been involved with Bitcoin since late 2016, and fell in love with crypto and the culture almost instantly. Unfortunately, I never had much of a chance to celebrate the previous halving in 2020 due to living in a country town at the time, but I’m certainly looking forward to getting involved with something exciting for this one.”

Ethan, 28, Sydney

Ethan simply couldn’t wait for the big day to get the festivities started. He spoke to us from Santorini in Greece, where he’s currently living it up at a Bitcoin Halving Party with “fellow Bitcoiners”.

How long has he been a Bitcoiner? “Not long enough! … broadly speaking: ‘If it’s not Bitcoin, it’s a shitcoin’. Bitcoin is something else. It is ideology, philosophy and economy – all in one. It will change and fix the world, one Bitcoiner at a time.”

As for the big day itself, he plans to “celebrate it and review the personal and professional achievements and adventures we had since the previous halving”.

Sounds like a hell of a party, Ethan.

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