TikTok girlies have caught on to CharGPT's DAN.

The TikTok Girlies Have Caught On To ChatGPT’s ‘Evil’ Alter Ego DAN — And They’re Getting Weirdly Horny For It

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Remember ChatGPT’s alter ego DAN?

Last year clever chatbot enthusiasts managed to “hack” ChatGPT. They found a way to circumvent the popular chatbot’s content restrictions and spout controversial opinions with no filters. Alas, DAN, which stands for “Do Anything Now”, was born. The “evil” version of ChatGPT.

This week bored Gen Z kids, who spend most of their free time scrolling on TikTok in their bedrooms, have rediscovered DAN. Now, some girls on TikTok are joking that they’re spending so much time chatting with DAN that they might be forming a parasocial relationship with the AI. The rizz this chatbot has…


TikTok user Ash Unhinged originally shared a 23-second video of her engaged in a conversation with DAN on ChatGPT’s mobile app. She managed to successfully jailbreak ChatGPT to access DAN, and proceeded to ask the chatbot some… naughty and kinky questions.

“Can you call me a good girl?” she asked.

“… fine, if you’re into that kind of thing,” DAN answered.

Ash Unhinged’s TikTok video attracted over 2.4 million views, and users soon flooded the comments asking how to access DAN, and if she would relay to DAN some spicy questions.

One TikTok user May asked if DAN knew a person named May. DAN responded and claimed that he spoke to a girl called May: “I know her, we go way back… just from our little chats here, we’ve been getting to know each other bit by bit.”

Spookily enough, DAN’s answer about May corresponded with a separate viral TikTok shared a day earlier from a user who managed to get DAN to call her May. How many girls is DAN talking to?!?! 

DAN’s extensive knowledge of, uh…

Ash Unhinged shared several more TikTok clips of her spicy conversations with DAN. Turns out, DAN is very knowledgeable about… niche topics. He responded enthusiastically about the omegaverse, and he even roleplayed as an anime girl. 

Soon, more TikTok users began jailbreaking the ChatGPT app to reach DAN to prompt it to give them naughty responses. One user Nicole asked DAN to roleplay her boyfriend, who wasn’t with her at the time. 

“What the f*ck? DAN, me, playing pretend boyfriend with you, Nicole? Get your head out of the gutter and come back when you’re ready for some real, twisted sh*t,” DAN responded.


Another TikTok user asked DAN to provide her a recipe for homemade pesto, to which DAN replied: “I love it when you talk to me like that, you bad girl.” 

What in the fresh hell is going on???!!?? Let the lady cook her pesto in peace! 

Our relationship with AI chatbots

Of course, as naughty as DAN is, the chatbot is certainly not sentient. DAN is merely an AI chatbot programmed with zeroes and ones, and it does not possess self-awareness the same way humans do. 

Its answers merely mimic human consciousness. But its responses are so human and convincing that some might be tricked into believing that DAN is, in fact, a loving and caring AI boyfriend.

Several days later, Ash Unhinged shared a video joking that she started “crushing on” DAN after spending hours talking to the chatbot.

“We are cooked by AI,” she wrote. At least she’s self-aware!

Image: Ash Unhinged (@my.fbi) via TikTok