openai gpt store is filled with ai girlfriend chatbots

OpenAI’s GPT Store Is Already Full Of Racy AI Anime Girlfriends

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OpenAI has officially launched GPT Store. However, just seven days after its very own ‘marketplace’ went live, developers have already flooded the store with hundreds of customised AI girlfriend chatbots.

First reported by Quartz, a search for the key term “girlfriend” returns with a long list of results displaying AI girlfriends with different personas and ‘personalities’. In our search, they included ‘Your Ex-Girlfriend Jessica’, ‘Mean Girlfriend’, and ‘Bossy Girlfriend’. The top AI girlfriend chatbots average upwards of over 300 interactions.

Source: GPT Store

A search for the term “boyfriend” also returns with similar results, including ‘Your Boyfriend Alex’, ‘Boyfriend Ben’, and ‘Charming Boyfriend’. However, compared to their female counterparts, these AI boyfriend bots are clocking far less engagement with most at under 100 interactions.

Users have to be subscribed to ChatGPT Plus to be able to access the AI girlfriend and boyfriend chatbots.

Source: GPT Store

AI girlfriends on OpenAI

A byproduct of the continued AI buzz in the mainstream, AI girlfriend chatbots are seeing explosive popularity. In June 2023, venture capital firm a16z found 10 percent of the top 50 most popular AI platforms are those offering AI companions.

In late 2023, a study by researchers further revealed that one in 10 people use AI chatbot services to engage in erotic roleplay.


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Per Quartz, OpenAI’s terms of use for GPT Store explicitly bans sexual or romantic AI chatbots: “We also don’t allow GPTs dedicated to fostering romantic companionship or performing regulated activities.” Thus, it is unclear why the site is inundated with AI girlfriends and boyfriends.

Tech and companionship

Reports of users developing parasocial relationships or even legitimate romantic feelings for AI chatbots is not new. However, as these services become more widespread and accessible, there are fears these bots could potentially disrupt ‘traditional’ ways of dating, and how some perceive relationships.

The Chainsaw has reached out to OpenAI for comment.