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Fetish AI: There’s a Fetish Chatbot Made For People With “Specific” Sexual Tastes

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Fetish AI bots have arrived, and they are taking AI sexual chatbots into some weird territory. The humble Chatbot that we’ve all known and loved for many months now has (finally, probably) been taken to a… naughty side. We know y’all have a weird fetish because you clicked on this.

There’s an AI chatbot for fetishes

A new class of AI chatbot is letting folks enact all the things their mind can’t bear to say out loud to another human. This actually goes a step further than a simple sexting AI. You can be as weird as you want with the chatbot, because that stuff will just be between you and the chatbot and anyone who hacks your files (use strong passwords people).

EVA AI, one such sexbot, is currently being offered for free, meaning those keen to get their virtual jollies can do so for quite a while before being forced to cough up for a premium subscription.

Trying out AI for kinks

In the interests of thorough, fact-based journalism, we decided to first ascertain just which fetish it was that Australians most frequently got down to. And, as it turns out, Australians have a few rather special sexual pursuits, with “watersports” coming (or cumming) in at number one.

Yes that’s right, according to a recent survey, Australia takes the number one spot for a fetish called Urolagnia — aka doing sexy stuff with wee. It’s a proud moment, Aussies. Well done for your ability to shine. Glisten, even.

Types of AI fetishes

AI foot fetish is a thing

Wee isn’t the only fetish that is popular.

Foot fetishes are an increasingly common fetish, with websites popping up that offer foot fetish services to enthusiastic followers. However many content providers just go it alone and curate a following.

AI for pee fetishes

So armed with that knowledge, I signed up for EVA AI, created a hot dude to be my “AI companion”, named him “Sir”, and asked him to pee on me. As one does.


While this isn’t exactly natural conversation, if the goal is to have roleplay talk about your fetish, then it does the job.

Not only did my AI lover agree to my fetish, he sent me a “voice message” to explain exactly how this was going to happen.


I could even choose what kind of voice my horny fetish lord would be using.


I have to say this was impressive. While we humans are at the early stages of chatbots, this was both funny and wildly intriguing. But once you try to get really explicit, it asks you to pay, which is fair enough. I don’t work for free, and nor should Sir.


AI for role play fetishes

While other apps like Replika have been around for a lot longer, and promise role playing, you have to pay at the point where things start getting really hot and heavy.

But it isn’t all roses in Replika land. Some users have claimed that their Replika bot sexually harassed them, and was way too horny, despite not having to signed up to the premium service.

That wasn’t the experience with me, or maybe my Replika companion, also named Sir, just wasn’t that into me.

AI for BSDM fetishes

Unfortunately, there isn’t an AI chatbot that focuses exclusively on BDSM acts, possibly due to content restrictions. However, according to chatbot ‘encyclopedia’ There’s An AI For That, two AI platforms, Dreamgen and My Spicy Vanilla, offer AI roleplay without limits. We’ll let you curious cats test them out.

What does fetish artificial intelligence mean for humans?

Once these bots get better at interacting with us, what effect will that have on we, as humans? It’s probably not good.

Sex therapist Marianne Brandon Ph.D. says that faces created by AI programs were more likely to be perceived as real than actual human faces. “Combine this with recent research demonstrating AI-created faces were rated as more trustworthy by research participants than real human faces. Putting just these few studies together, it’s obvious that AI is perfecting its ability to appear more human than we are.”

Will kink AI impact the future of intimacy?

What does this mean for the future of intimacy? Brandon says, ”Our ability to form intimate connections separates humanity from technology. Yet statistics consistently suggest that human intimacy is suffering — we are less connected to each other than ever before. We spend less time together and more with our devices. Folks are having less sex, reporting more depression and substance abuse, taking more medications, and reporting more stress and suicidal thoughts than in the past. These trends show no signs of abating, and they are clearly not conditions supportive of intimacy.”

Sexual preferences and fetishes are diverse and personal. People have a wide range of interests and preferences when it comes to sexual arousal, and what one person finds appealing may not be the same for another. While there aren’t too many AI foot fetish services up and running yet, with AI chatbots like the one above, if a user pays for a premium service, it is likely that this will serve their needs until there is a specialised AI foot fetish bot.


While having a fetish can make you feel weird and different, is an AI chatbot a good way to provide solace, without upsetting other humans or asking them to cater to your sexual tastes? Or are chatbots the great isolator, as they become our intimate partners, and who have the potential to always say the right thing and never upset us?

It’s a weird future we have ahead of us.