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JPEG On The Block: The Hottest NFT Drops in February

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NFT drops: The NFT industry is rapidly evolving and with the growing influx of innovative art and ideas, it can be challenging to stay informed of the latest happenings.

But fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Join us as we highlight February’s most hyped NFT drops, so you can stay on top of all the action and be the first to snag the hottest jpegs in town.

Rug Radio PFP – February 6th

Rug Radio, a decentralized Web3 media company, is dropping its second NFT project and inaugural profile picture project (PFP) on February 6th in collaboration with Miami-based digital artist Cory Van Lew.

Van Lew entered the NFT space in late 2020 and soon rose to prominence for his avant-garde style of creating blue-faced characters which he describes as “capturing moments of darkness, putting them in a positive light.”

Since then, he has worked with the likes of Disney, iHeartRadio, TIME Magazine, Sotheby’s and Mike Tyson, among others, selling multi-million-dollars worth of NFTs across multiple collections.

The Rug Radio PFP supply will be capped at 20,000 in a three wave release. Rug Radio Genesis NFT holders are able to claim one NFT for 690 $RUG, approximately US$50, while Cory Van Lew 1/1 holders can claim 5 NFTs at no cost.

The mint price in Ethereum (ETH) for the second wave is yet to be announced, but expected to be in the region of 0.15ETH.

NFT drops: Adventurers – February 7th

The team behind the Adventures NFT project claim that the pixelated artwork is merely a secondary bonus to the true, utility-centric purpose of the project.

Early minting has already taken place with 3,192 NFTs sold from a total supply of 7,000. The main minting event will commence on February 7th at 9PM UTC with a mint price of 0.1 ETH.

Adventures have pledged a guarantee to holders of the assets that they will earn a minimum 20% yield on their mint price per month in perpetuity. Holders will claim this $ETH via an airdrop. The maximum yield per month could rise to a whopping 150% with higher rarity assets and showcases of loyalty.

Essentially, this is a DeFi-type liquid yield project utilising the collectable nature of NFTs to long-term create revenue rewards.

The profits to distribute such handsome rewards will be acquired by “providing liquidity on Uniswap V3” in the USDC/ETH pool says the team. “We manage already several top 0.1% V3 positions in terms of profitability & have great experience (+skill) there”, says the team.

The early minting phase has generated 320ETH for the Uniswap treasury, equivalent to US$503,000.

Founder of the project YZY has been successfully running liquid yield NFT project Mythical for the past seven months operating a similar model to the one proposed for Adventurers. Mythical has reportedly distributed 50ETH to holders over the past few months.

NFT drops: Mugler – February 7th

Mugler is a French luxury fashion house established in 1974 by Thierry Mugler. It is known for its avant-garde, theatrical and futurist style, often incorporating elements of science fiction and futuristic technology into its designs. In 2019, they were bought out by French cosmetics giant L’Oréal.

Mugler’s innovative designs have earned the brand a cult following, and its iconic pieces have been worn by celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Celine Dion.

Now, Mugler is venturing into the NFT space. On February 7th, the company will launch a limited edition capsule NFT collectable titled ‘We Are All Angel’ exclusively on OpenSea. Details on cost and supply are yet to be announced.

Strangers HQ – February 9th

The Stranger HQ is a “whimsical collection of characters” who are “an ode to exploration and finding meaning in shared experiences.”

Created by Collective Strangers and artist Nick Kuchar, the PFP project is based around the expanding the opportunity for travel experiences in the Web3 space.

NFT drops:
Strangers HQ

The collection will go on sale on February 9th at 5:00 PM GMT exclusively on OpenSea for a mint price of 0.09 ETH. There will be a limit of 2 NFTs per wallet.

A social staking feature will reward holders with on-chain points for boarding (staking their NFT), as well as displaying their PFP on social media channels such as Twitter.

“Over time, new social media platforms and bounties will be activated for holders to earn additional points for creating and sharing content”, revealed the team.

Coinage NFT – February 9th

Web3 media company Coinage is providing its audience with an opportunity to co-own a portion of the company via the release of an NFT in partnership with Magic Eden on February 9th.

On the Season 2 launch, the company stated that “We need your input. Topics you want to cover. Questions you think need answering. Projects that wouldn’t be possible without our collective ambition. Let’s figure out where we go from here, together.”

And that’s all the NFT drops you need to watch out for this month. See you in March!