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Mwah! Asia’s Largest Female-led NFT Project Brings Vogue into the Metaverse for Valentine’s Day

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8SIAN and Vogue: You got a lover for Valentine’s Day? Yes? No? Doesn’t matter — how about a love chain for you or your other half as a gift on the 14th? And then celebrate love in the metaverse?

8SIAN, one of Asia’s largest NFT projects whose big name holders include Steve Aoki, has just announced a collaboration with fashion and lifestyle magazine royalty, Vogue Singapore. 

The collab is a celebration of love in the metaverse, and is the first time Vogue Singapore has worked with an artist of the Web3 community. 

8SIAN has quickly risen to fame for its sprawling community representing the Asian diaspora, empowering Asians to connect their identity with their culture within a global ‘family’ across the world. 

Led by the beloved “Asian Mom” Nicole and her epic team, the Vogue Singapore collaboration follows another industry first partnership with UNIQLO in 2022. 

What’s the deal with the drop?

8SIAN and Vogue have announced the release of is dropping a brand new collection called ‘Love Chain’ on Valentine’s Day eve. Love it babe, so romantic! I don’t need a bouquet of flowers, I need this! 

8SIAN tells The Chainsaw that the project aims to represent Asia in the Web3 space whilst also empowering Asians to be proud of their heritage, culture and upbringing. You can dive into our exclusive interview with Nicole on the 8Sian community here.

Vogue Enters The Metaverse, Pose!

What happens after you own a ‘Love Chain’? Enter Vogue: the magazine’s publishing arm in Singapore wants to leap into the metaverse, and you need one of these little digital collectibles to go in.

Fashion’s New World, Vogue Singapore’s metaverse, will be live on Spatial, a virtual reality platform that has supported metaverse efforts by luxury brands like Hublot.

So, to summarise: you get one — or several, up to you friend — NFT, then you get to be part of Vogue’s metaverse, then you get to have fun and chill in a virtual lounge, then you get to win more prizes. Phew. I know what I’m doing next weekend. “From Blockchain to Love Chain,” 8SIAN says. So true. You’ll see me in the metaverse.