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Dogecoin Dog: The IRL Dog That Inspired Dogecoin Makes A Remarkable Health Recovery

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Dogecoin Dog: Amid the relentless perpetuation of FTX news dominating the media discourse over the holiday season – thanks to the unhinged behaviour of the curly-headed fraudster Bankman-Fried – you’d be permissed to feel a sense of despair, perhaps a touch of animosity towards the crypto space.

But then, all of a sudden, something appears on your timeline, and that affinity you lost is once again found. A good-hearted story can do that for you. Read on folks!

Last week, an adorably cute dog from Japan called Kabosu was taken ill, suffering from the chronic symptoms of a pre-existing liver problem called lymphoma leukemia.

Her human parents took her to the vet who administered antibiotics, before tweeting an online video pleading for prayers and well-wishes in this sorrowful time.

Days later, the owner returned with positive news. “Kabosu is recovering well. She had her meal and even went for a walk today. Keep sending your love & prayers”, she tweeted.

Dogecoin Dog Lives Another Day

Kabosu is no ordinary creature companion. To start, she has 59,000 followers on Twitter. Impressive, but nothing that a glamour model Tik-Tok influencer couldn’t achieve. Well, Kabosu was the visual inspiration for memecoin called Doge which as of today has a US$9 billion market capitalisation. Okay, that’s pretty damn cool!

Her human parent, known socially as DogeDesigner, is the Graphic Designer at the Dogecoin Foundation. The cryptocurrency, which is ranked eighth in the top crypto list, was founded in 2013 by Oregon-based Billy Markus and Aussie Jackson Palmer.

The duo used the highly-popular internet meme of Kabosu as their logo, capitalising on the craze for Shiba Inu dogs.

The asset soared to prominence during the spring of 2021 after rocket birdman Elon Musk endorsed it as his fav crypto. The asset is down from highs of $0.73 to $0.07, largely in keeping with the entire crypto space.

The OG Doge