Bitcoin Halving Party: Could be Epic, Could be Fyre Festivalish.

El Salvador is Throwing a Huge Bitcoin Halving Party in 2024 if Yr Keen to Decentralise a Beer

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A Bitcoin Halving party? In El Salvador, the first country to use Bitcoin as legal tender? At a resort with unlimited food and booze? Get ready to party like its 2024!

At first glance, we are going with a hard yes on this one.

What is the Bitcoin Halving?

So what is a Bitcoin Halving? It is an event that occurs every four years, where the reward for mining new Bitcoins is cut in half. It helps control the supply of Bitcoins and maintain their value over time. Miners, who secure the Bitcoin network, receive fewer Bitcoins as a reward after each halving. The halving ensures the scarcity and value of Bitcoin.

The reason why it is cause for a celebration is because the price of Bitcoin tends to rise after each Halving event. (Though there is no guarantee that it will rise after the next event. Remember, Bitcoin is a very young asset without a long track record to study).

Anyway who needs an excuse for a party..? Not us!

So what is the Bitcoin Halving Party?

This groundbreaking event is taking place from April 3rd to April 5th, 2024, in none other than El Salvador, home of Bitcoin-loving president Nayib Bukele.

It might just be the wildest celebration of the halving phenomenon that the world has ever seen. And interestingly, it’s not going to be like the usual crypto conventions. While you can definitely immerse yourself in talks and workshops about all things Bitcoin, this event is jacking up the crypto jam, with a few things to boil your brain.

Imagine podcasts with live audiences, where you listen to the brightest minds in the industry dropping knowledge bombs while you sip on a cocktail or mocktail. Picture yourself grooving to the rhythm of decent tunes, and dancing some Latin moves that would make even Satoshi Nakamoto jealous.

And here’s the best news for foodies, there will unlimited food and drinks. You, and we cannot stress this enough, beauty.

Bitcoin in practice

The Bitcoin Halving Party is not just about the entertainment and libations. It is a golden ticket to witness firsthand how life on a Bitcoin Standard is revolutionising El Salvador. You will be able to spend your Bitcoin everywhere you go, theoretically.

A Bitcoin Halving Party should happen every four years. So it might be a good time to make the pilgrimage to El Salvador. It’s where knowledge could meet revelry, and where the future of finance unfolds… Or something like that.

Bitcoin Halving Party: Accommodation

The party has partnered with a resort called the Royal Decameron Salinitas in Acajutla, Sonsonate, El Salvador. While this sounds like things are in order for guests, the reviews aren’t a shining light in the world of hotels. In fact the reviews are awful. And at the time of writing, Royal Decameron’s website is down, worryingly.

To gain access to the Halving Party you need to purchase both a ticket for the event and a room for the three days. The party is expected to go late into the night on April 5th 2024.

The festival organisers encourage punters to stay for longer and see El Salvador more widely, using your Bitcoin as you go. There are many volcanoes, lakes, beaches, and, the jewel in the crown Bitcoin Beach in El Zonte to see.

Listen, if you go to this, we definitely want to see footage and we really REALLY hope it’s a good time. Because you may need to do your own research and have an escape plan. Just in case.