What is ChatGPT? AI artificial intelligence

What is ChatGPT? A Chainsaw Explainer

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What is ChatGPT? Have you been asking yourself this as seemingly the whole world talks about the artificial intelligence (AI) assistant? Well, wonder no more, because here is The Chainsaw explainer.

What is ChatGPT?

At its core, ChatGPT is an advanced AI language model that employs deep learning techniques and vast amounts of training data to generate human-like responses. It simulates natural conversation and uses context to understand user inputs, enabling it to provide coherent and contextually relevant replies. Think of it as a virtual chat companion that can engage in interactive conversations with you.

Reality check: The drawbacks of ChatGPT

While the AI is an impressive technology, there are some serious drawbacks in using it that cannot be overlooked, so you need to be aware of them before we go any further.

-ChatGPT is not even close to being perfect. Answers can sometimes be considered an illusion, or even just be wildly false. So while it is a great tool, it also cannot be taken as a vessel of all truths. It can lie, just like any human can. So be aware of that.

-The AI can also outright lie about where it got its answers from. It has been known to totally make up references that don’t exist. At all.

-Scammers are coming out with fake ChatGPT apps to trick people into signing up and paying a subscription. Here’s how to avoid that.

-It can be used in the wrong circumstances, creating a backlash.

-It can show political bias in all directions.

How to use ChatGPT, and is it free or paid?

Now, let’s talk about whether ChatGPT is free or paid. The good news is that you can use the AI assistant for free. Yes, you read that right — no payment is required!

However, there are drawbacks to the free version, such as wait times or less thorough answers.

If you’re a pro-tier user, OpenAI has also introduced something called ChatGPT Plus, their subscription plan service. With ChatGPT Plus, you have to pay US$20 (AU$30) monthly, but you get some cool benefits: You can use the AI assistant even when it’s really busy, so you don’t have to wait. Plus, as a subscriber, you get priority access to new features and improvements. So while it will set you back, ChatGPT Plus offers some extra perks for those who want them.

The introduction of ChatGPT Plus allows OpenAI to support the availability of free access to as many users as possible while offering additional perks to subscribers. The pricing details for ChatGPT Plus can be found on the OpenAI website.

Free service

It’s important to know that OpenAI is committed to letting people use the AI assistant for free. They want to ensure everyone can access and benefit from it without having to pay. The subscription plan is an option for those who want to support OpenAI and get some extra features.

Whether you choose to use it for free or decide to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, you can still experience its power and try out what it can do in different areas.

Accessing ChatGPT

To access ChatGPT, you can visit the OpenAI website or utilise one of the platforms or applications that integrate the AI assistant. OpenAI has developed various user-friendly interfaces, making engaging in conversations with the AI model more accessible than ever.

Initiating a conversation

Once you have accessed the AI assistant, you can begin a conversation by typing in a prompt or question. For example, you could start with a simple greeting like Hello or pose a specific query related to your needs. ChatGPT will then generate a response based on the input you provide.

Providing context

To enhance the quality and relevance of ChatGPT’s responses, you can provide additional context to guide the conversation. By including relevant information or specifying the desired outcome, you can help the AI assistant better understand your needs and generate more accurate responses. This is called prompting and it is an important part of getting the best out of ChatGPT.

Prompting is even becoming a sought-after skill in recruitment circles.


Engaging in interactive dialogue

ChatGPT excels at engaging in interactive dialogue, simulating human-like conversation. You can ask follow-up questions, seek clarification, or explore different aspects of a topic. The model adapts to the context and strives to generate coherent and contextually appropriate responses.

Experimenting and iterating

ChatGPT is a tool that allows you to experiment and iterate to refine your conversation. You can modify your prompts, rephrase questions, or provide additional details to guide the AI assistant’s responses. This iterative process can help you achieve more satisfactory results and enhance the overall conversation experience.

What is ChatGPT used for?

ChatGPT opens up a world of possibilities. Here are some key reasons why it’s worth exploring:

Versatility and assistance

The AI assistant is a versatile tool that can help you in so many ways. It can find information for you, generate creative content, translate languages, give you writing suggestions, and even act as a virtual conversation partner.

Just imagine sitting down with ChatGPT for a brainstorming session. You give it some prompts, and it starts generating a bunch of creative ideas for your next blog post or marketing campaign.

Enhancing customer support

ChatGPT can be a valuable asset in the fast-paced customer support world. Its ability to handle customer queries efficiently and provide prompt responses can significantly improve the customer experience, reducing wait times and increasing satisfaction. AI talking to customers can also go very wrong, so be aware that AI assistants like ChatGPT aren’t perfect yet.

But imagine a scenario where ChatGPT acts as the first line of support, providing quick and accurate answers to frequently asked questions. This frees up human agents to focus on more complex inquiries.

Personal assistant and productivity tools

Managing personal tasks and staying organised becomes more convenient with ChatGPT. From drafting emails and creating to-do lists to setting reminders and suggesting productivity strategies, ChatGPT can serve as your virtual personal assistant, boosting your efficiency and effectiveness.

Imagine having ChatGPT as your own productivity coach. It’s like having a friendly helper who reminds you of important deadlines, gives you tips on managing your time, and keeps you on track with your commitments.

Educational companion

Learning becomes easier with ChatGPT. It can provide deeper explanations than teachers have time for, answering questions, and assisting with educational endeavors across a wide range of subjects.

Imagine being a student studying complex concepts in physics or mathematics. You can engage in a conversation with ChatGPT, ask it to break down concepts, provide examples, and offer explanations that resonate with you. This interactive learning experience has the potential to make education more accessible and enjoyable.

Is ChatGPT better than Google?

Hold on, let’s not compare apples to oranges. Google is a master search engine, exploring the vast depths of the internet to provide you with information. On the other hand, ChatGPT focuses on generating human-like responses and facilitating engaging conversations. So, it’s not a question of better or worse, but rather a matter of choosing the right tool for the job.

While both ChatGPT and Google have their unique strengths, it’s essential to understand that they serve different purposes.

Google’s dominance

As a powerful search engine, Google scours the vast internet landscape to provide you with information and relevant search results. Its strength lies in retrieving and organising information from an expansive array of sources.

When you need to find specific information or perform research, Google remains the go-to tool. Its search algorithms and comprehensive web page index enables you to explore a wide range of topics and access a wealth of knowledge.

ChatGPT’s conversation skills

On the other hand, ChatGPT is really good at making responses sound like they’re from a real person. This makes it helpful for tasks involving talking and having personalised interactions.

Just think about it: when you want to chat with someone or need help with things that involve going back and forth in a conversation, ChatGPT is the ideal companion. It can create replies that make sense and match the conversation, making the experience engaging. It feels more like talking to a real person than just searching for information.

Unveiling ChatGPT applications

Now that we have a solid understanding of ChatGPT’s capabilities let’s explore its wide-ranging applications across various domains.


Interactive gaming experiences

Imagine playing a game and having ChatGPT make it even cooler. It can make the non-player characters (NPCs) you interact with feel more real and alive. ChatGPT can have conversations with NPCs that sound natural and fit the game world. It’s like being part of an immersive experience where you can talk and interact with the game characters in a more realistic way.

Imagine playing a role-playing game where ChatGPT powers the characters you interact with. They respond intelligently, adapt to your choices, and engage in realistic conversations, creating a captivating gaming experience with rich narrative depth.

Market research and data analysis

ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for market research and data analysis. It can give insights, suggest trends, and provide new ways of looking at information.

When researchers talk to ChatGPT about market trends or specific data, they can find hidden patterns and get different ideas. For example, ChatGPT can be used to make a chart of prices before Bitcoin Halving events and after, showing a price rise every time. It’s like having a smart partner to help with market research and make better choices based on data.

Mental health and well-being support

ChatGPT can be like a companion for those who need help with their mental health and feeling good overall. When you talk to ChatGPT, it can give you information, tips for coping with tough situations, and emotional support.

Imagine having a virtual buddy who really listens to you, gives advice, and shares resources to take care of your mental well-being. ChatGPT understands your feelings and responds with empathy, which can make a positive difference in how you feel.

Although it should be said that ChatGPT is not a substitute for professional medical and mental health consultation, and you should always contact authorities in emergency crisis situations.

Language and conversation training

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for learning languages and practicing conversations. When you talk to ChatGPT, it gives you feedback right away and opportunities to practice. This can help you become better at speaking smoothly, learn new words, and feel more confident when you talk to others.

Imagine having conversations with ChatGPT to practice a foreign language or improve your talking skills. ChatGPT is like a patient and smart friend who helps you get better at speaking. It gives you tips and suggestions to make your language skills even more robust.

What is a ChatGPT third-party app?

Once you get well versed with ChatGPT, then you can look into ChatGPT third-party apps, which can be integrated with ChatGPT to make both apps work better.


ChatGPT apps

Developers have created a range of applications and platforms to harness the power of ChatGPT, an advanced AI language model. These user-friendly interfaces make it easy for people to have seamless interactions with ChatGPT.

These apps provide an immersive and engaging conversational experience with ChatGPT. Imagine using a ChatGPT app on your smartphone, where you can have interactive conversations and seek assistance. The apps bring the conversational skills of ChatGPT to the palm of your hand, allowing you to explore its capabilities.


ChatGPT is a super versatile tool that can do so many things! It can generate responses that seem like they’re from a real person and have interactive conversations. And it can be a great companion for content creators, customer support professionals, language enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to be more productive. It can help you in many different areas and make things easier. It’s like having a helpful friend to assist you with various tasks.

By using ChatGPT responsibly and understanding its strengths and limitations, you can unlock its full potential. Embrace the power of conversation-driven AI and witness how ChatGPT can revolutionise our interactions with technology. So, let the conversations flow, the ideas spark, and the productivity soar.