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Solana Has Integrated ChatGPT Onto Its Blockchain To Answer Your Crypto Queries

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Solana, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, has integrated ChatGPT onto its blockchain network, becoming the first layer one blockchain to do so.

The Solana Foundation, the organisation behind Solana, says that ChatGPT’s arrival onto its blockchain will to onboard users into Web3. According to TechCrunch, the AI chatbot can also be used to “buy and list NFTs, transfer tokens, check out transactions, interpret data and find NFT collections by floor price.” It already sounds like a pretty competent assistant for fellow crypto traders.

ChatGPT on Solana: How does it work?

How do you even ‘fuse’ an AI chatbot onto the blockchain? Solana says it will plug ChatGPT into an RPC node, allowing the machine to read and analyse on-chain data.

A Remote Procedure Call, or an RPC node, is a computer server that lets users read data on the blockchain, and facilitate transactions. RPCs are used to power blockchain-based decentralised apps (dApps), and even used by crypto exchanges.

For now, though, Solana says that ChatGPT’s focus on its blockchain network will be on NFTs. This makes sense, because NFT sales made on the Solana network bring in hella cash money. According to NFT data aggregator CryptoSlam, the Solana blockchain has recorded over US$54 million (AU$81.8 million) in sales in the past 30 days, right behind Ethereum (US$391 million, or AU$592 million) and Bitcoin (US$171 million, or AU$259 million).

What sort of questions can you ask ChatGPT on Solana? According to TechCrunch, a variety of things. This includes information about a specific NFT collection, what NFTs they can buy with their crypto, and so on.

On Twitter, supporters of Solana welcomed the news, viewing it as a “bullish” case for the blockchain network.

“When two cutting-edge technologies collide, crypto with AI, it’s magic,” says Twitter user BabySamo.

“AI integration will mean better deployment of smart contracts,” NFT enthusiast ‘Grace’ points out.

However, a blockchain researcher from South Korea expressed concerns over potential security risks posed by ChatGPT: “The current form seems to be an easy form for developers to see,  [and] it would be nice to see how it develops… [but] could it be a security risk? I’m also worried about that.”

So far, three major tech companies, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung, have restricted ChatGPT use among employees, citing fears around sensitive data leaks. Samsung, in particular, saw at least three cases where employees accidentally shared company information to the chatbot.