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GM! Everything You Need to Know in Web3 This Morning

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Web3: Here’s everything you need to know today about the wonderful world of Web3.

Web3: Mastercard Partner with Polygon

-At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, global payments giant Mastercard announced that they will launch the ‘Mastercard Artist Accelerator’ in the spring of 2023 on the Polygon blockchain.

-The programme has been forged with the intention to open access to the music industry by mentoring “five emerging artists” on how to build (and own) their brand through Web3 experiences like minting NFTs, representing themselves in virtual worlds and establishing an engaged community.

-Mastercard’s sponsorships within the music industry span across the GRAMMY Awards, Latin GRAMMY Awards, and BRIT Awards.

-In addition to the Web3 programme, Mastercard will also drop a limited edition NFT titled ​​’Mastercard Music Pass’ providing fans exclusive access to educational content and resources within the Web3 space.

Web3: Logan Rug-Paul

-Celebrity influencer Logan Paul is facing a new wave of backlash after someone created an exact replica of his NFT-based game CryptoZoo in a matter of hours. And the worst thing? It’s a whole lot better.

-Built on Binance Smart Chain, Paul’s CryptoZoo pledged that it will enable players, known as ZooKeepers, to breed animals, trade eggs on a marketplace, as well as yield revenue in the form of ZOO tokens. The game is yet to be released, despite thousands NFTs being sold.

-Reports soon emerged that players had lost millions of dollars, in addition to the games developers not being compensated for their work.

-Now, a game dev called Yipy has created RealZoo, a visually realistic, higher quality gameplay experience based around Paul’s initial concept, but without NFTs.

-Operating on a shoe-string budget compared to Paul’s vast resources, Yipy claimed he built the game in a matter of hours. “The game was never delivered, so I decided to make it myself”, he stated.

-To compound matters, a few weeks ago, popular Youtuber Coffeezilla shared a 25 min expose of Paul, claiming that CryptoZoo is his biggest scam to-date. The video has racked up over 7.5 million views.

-The Youtube-turned-boxing caffeine influencer responded by claiming that “CryptoZoo is coming. I will make damn sure of it.” The video has now been deleted. Here’s a taster of his delusion from Twitter.

Yoots and DeGods heading to Polygon

-Due to its close ties with FTX, the Solana ecosystem has utterly collapsed in recent months, with their native token plummeting from $260 at all-time highs down 94.78% to $13.65. As a result, their NFT market has also suffered badly.

-Now, the largest two NFT collections on Solana, y00ts and DeGods are transitioning over to Ethereum sidechain Polygon after their parent company DeLabs were granted a tidy lump sum of cash.

-“DeLabs received a $3M non-equity grant from Polygon to help fund the expansion of the DeLabs team & to kickstart & initially help scale the incubator we are building that will allow you to spend y00tpoints & DePoints to mint our incubator’s NFT collections, said Founder of DeLabs, Frank III.

-Frank III also shared that he would not be buying a lambo with the cash, but instead investing it to “dominate the attention economy” and “create magical experiences”, among other ambitions.