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RizzGPT: Need Help Flirting? There’s an AI Rizz Assistant For That

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RizzGPT is now a thing. Which is good news if you need to rizz up a potential mate. FlirtGPT functionality is here, and artificial intelligence (AI) assistants can help you land a date in all its rizz AI glory. Well that is the promise, anyway, in the bewildering world of modern dating.

Anyone who uses dating apps for any length of time knows they can be hard work. There are lots of conversations that go nowhere, small talk that never gets into the deeper stuff, and cringe text exchanges that make you want to crawl under your bed and hide from dating altogether.

But what if you could get an AI that is designed to flirt on your behalf and do the hard work for you? These AIs are starting to hit the interwebs, so we fell on the sword and tried them so you don’t have to. You are welcome.

What does Rizz mean?

Before we go any further, however, for those not in the know: What does rizz mean? The rizz meaning is, pretty much, chatting up someone. What is rizz? It’s flirting hard. Here are AIs to help.


Top 5 Best chatbots for flirting

Here is everything you need to know about giving the AI rizz. Welcome to the chatbot pick up lines of choice when it comes to rizz AI.

ChatGPT and rizz

ChatGPT is the AI assistant that the whole world is talking about. And in comparison with the other AI assistants, yet again it smashed it out of the park.

We asked ChatGPT to respond to the question What are you doing on the weekend? with a flirty and funny tone. Here are the answers offered.

  1. Oh, you know, just plotting world domination… or maybe binge-watching my favorite TV show. It’s a tough choice!
  2. Well, I was thinking of becoming a professional napper, but I might be convinced to go on an adventure if the company is right. Any exciting ideas?
  3. I’m planning to break some world records for the most consecutive hours spent in pajamas. Care to join me and make history together?
  4. I have a secret mission to find the best pizza in town. If you’re up for some undercover deliciousness, I could use a partner in crime.
  5. I’m considering starting my own band, the Couch Potatoes. We specialise in movie marathons and snack expertise. Want to audition?

So far, ChatGPT is killing it. We know this is the best rizz tool on the market.


Flirtify is an app that promises to give witty responses to questions asked by your potential soul mate. It is very easy to use. You simply choose a category of conversation (e.g. food) and the AI gives you a response. If your potential lover says they like Italian food, you can enter this into the chatbot, and it spits out a pick-up line. Here’s what it came up with.

Are you a pepperoni pizza? Because you’ve got me feeling hot and spicy, and I can’t resist a slice of you.


Okay so it isn’t A-game but it might cause a potential lover to laugh a little. Like, a small chuckle. Meh, it is probably a win.


Another AI called YourMove helps you to write your profile, using an offering called Profile Poet. All you do is input what you are into and what type of partner you want and the AI does the rest, tailoring it to Bumble, Tinder or Hinge.

Once your dating profile is done, you can ask it to respond to your potential soul mate. This “banter bot” promises to help you to flirt better. You can even set different levels if flirtatiousness, from way sexy to mild.


We found this rizz-up AI to be one of the best of all the AI apps we tried. It gave a range of potential answers and understood the assignment.

RizzGPT can’t help you with your dance moves.

LoveGPT rizz

An AI called LoveGPT doesn’t give much hope for dating help. It generated the most boring responses in all of the flirting AIs we tested. And it failed at all times to ask the potential soulmate anything about themselves. Rude! No one is getting sufficient love using this. Probably best to be avoided unless you like dying alone with your 25 cats. It’s a hard no.

The RizzGPT is upon us.

Teaser AI and the rizz

This AI operates a little differently to the other AI assistants. It is actually a dating app, where each user is given an AI that represents them. Users feed info into the AI about their hobbies, interests, dislikes, and what they are looking for. Then if the user likes someone, their AIs can communicate with each other, and the user can see the conversation.


If the user feels like they have things in common, then they can match. However, after users match, they can’t use the artificial intelligence assistant with the match again. The platform also reminds users that AI is not perfect and can be ‘wilding’ at times.

The RizzGPT is real fam.

While this might be good in theory, we found that there were not enough people on the app in our city to make it worthwhile. But if you are prepared to fly to Toyoko for a date, then go for it!

Are AI assistants the key to having rizz?

Will artificial intelligence assistants make dating an easier experience for us all? Or will it be yet another technological barrier that keeps us all apart? It might be time to make way for the Rizz AI and the RizzGPT. As the birth rate drops in Australia, and there are more single people than ever before, only time will tell if this artificial intelligence help is a tool for the future or a failed pursuit.

Happy dating, tech lovers!