Elon Musk Says We’ll Have AI Smarter Than Humans By ‘End Of Next Year’

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Gather round AI freaks, your lord and saviour Elon Musk has crawled out of his ketamine cave to announce some grand news. Appearing on a live-streamed interview on X, the man himself spoke the prophetic words: “My guess is that we’ll have AI that is smarter than any one human probably around the end of next year.”

Here’s the clip.

Look, personally, I love this. I love AI. I want it to take over the world. I want it to take all the jobs. I want it to be so smart that it becomes our god and we all live in some sort of techno-utopia where the concept of “work” is just something resigned to the history books.

If it goes the other way — if AI turns out to be evil and eliminates all life — well, it’s still a win. No life means no work. My friends, we’re free either way.

Of course, The Machines could just end up enslaving us, rather than eliminating us. Keeping us alive to fulfil whatever sick whims the robots desire, or milking our very human essence and using it as some sort of fuel. The blessed of us could be kept as pets, akin to winning the lottery if you ask me. A well looked after dog or house cat is the pinnacle of current sentient experience. Sign me up for that any time.

Now, one must take the words of Elon with a grain of pink Himalayan. This is the same man who brought us such bangers as we’ll be on Mars by 2021 and the US will have close to zero new cases of COVID by the end of April 2020.

Still, this is exciting. The progress is undeniable. AI is advancing at a wild rate, with major announcements now coming on an almost weekly basis. So who knows, maybe Musk will finally get a prediction right. I mean, he’s definitely seen the kind of behind the scenes AI shit us regular citizens have no idea about.

Hell, he’s probably half-AI already. Maybe that’s not even the real Musk!

Who knows. Who cares! Just hurry this whole thing up. Let’s get the apocalypse over with people!!!

Siri set a reminder to check back in with this at the end of next year. Until then folks, stay frosty.

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