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International Women’s Day Slay: These 5 Female-led Projects Are Worth More Than $200M

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Women in Web3: There’s still a long way to go when it comes to improving gender representation in Web3. I mean, this tweet by an influencer says it all:

Women in Web3

While many proponents of the ‘new decentralised world” like to herald it as a place where anyone with internet access can participate, the truth stems far from that reality. According to Boston Consulting Group, only 13% of Web3 founding teams are led by women. And within the crypto industry’s myriad of events, finding fellow women is harder than getting your hands on some of the most expensive NFTs themselves.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we spoke to some of the most successful female leaders in the Web3 industry who are leading the way in building new models of business that puts the community first, providing greater education and inclusion for the underrepresented people in the space. Together, these women have also raked in more than AU$200M in digital asset value between them.

World of Women: AU$181 million

One of the most popular NFT projects, the World of Women NFT community burst into the scene alongside the NFT bull run in 2021. Co-founded by digital artist Yam Karkai in September 2021, World of Women (WoW) celebrates representation and inclusion with 10,000 diverse art pieces of women.

The collection has a worldwide appeal, so much that New Zealand Women’s Rugby acquired some for themselves.  

Today, the collection has exceeded AU$181 million (77,700 ETH) in transaction volume, and boasts celebrity holders including Reese Witherspoon, Eva Longoria, and Shonda Rhimes.

Deadfellaz: AU$74 million

Homegrown collection Deadfellaz is breaking the traditional model of advertising. The NFT project, featuring 10,000 gender-neutral zombies, is now represented by one of the largest talent agencies in Hollywood that also counts Lizzo, Malala Yousafzai, and Jessica Alba as clients.

Founded by Betty and her husband Psych in September 2021, Deadfellaz is one of the most recognisable NFT collections in the scene with famous holders like Elijah Wood. It has also amassed AU$74,000,000 (32,400 ETH) in transaction volume.

Women in Web3: MyBFF: AU$11 million

Co-founded by Jaime Schmidt, MyBFF “celebrates the uniqueness of women and non-binary friends” across their community and around the world. Its mission is to educate women and non-binary friends about the world of Web3 and so far, it’s hitting some significant milestones

MyBFF has amassed a transaction volume of AU$11 million (2,222 ETH). Over 100 female leaders across tech, entertainment, and business have also become holders of the project, including Paris Hilton, Mila Kunis, and Randi Zuckerberg.

Jaime Schmidt tells The Chainsaw that: “As a founder in Web3, it is my responsibility to break down barriers and forge new paths.”

She says International Women’s Day serves as “a reminder that we must continue to push for equality, celebrate the achievements of women, and uplift one another as we work towards a more inclusive and diverse future.”

Women in Web3: 8Sian: AU$11 million

Malaysian founder Nicole Yap has carved a name for herself and the culture she represents with 8,888 pieces of digital artwork of Asian women. 8Sian launched in December 2021 and it has collaborated with Uniqlo, one of Asia’s largest lifestyle brands from Japan. It also counts Steve Aoki and Mando-pop singer JJ Lin as fans.

Most recently, 8Sian has collaborated with Vogue Singapore to release a Valentine’s Day collection.

“Leading an NFT collection in a male-dominated space means breaking down barriers and stereotypes, and paving the way for more diversity and representation in the industry,” Nicole tells The Chainsaw.

“As a 26 year-old Asian woman leading an NFT collection, [International Women’s Day] is also a reminder that all women have opportunities to succeed in whatever industry we are in.”

What’s next? Creating a global IP brand, Nicole tells us.

Women in Web3: Sisterhood Club

Fellow Aussie Georgie Hubbard’s Sisterhood Club is one of the fastest-growing NFT communities. The community brings together underrepresented people across the world providing crypto education, job opportunities via a job board and regular in-person events.

And most recently, the club of thousands of women partnered up with convenience store chain 7Eleven to support gender diversity and inclusion of women in tech.

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