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Web3 Game Shrapnel Promises Gameplay as Wild as Trad Games

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Web3 game Shrapnel is creating a lot of buzz. Now open for early access, the game promises to have all of the wild benefits of Web3 gaming, but without all of the problems that have recently come with Blockchain gaming. 

If you buy the NFT and sign up, gameplay starts in December.

For those not familiar with Web3 gaming, it is different to traditional gaming. Web3 gamers can acquire assets like digital guns and outfits as NFTs, and sell them in the game, or earn rewards in game tokens or crypto, and cash out. They also get a say in how the game evolves and is developed in the future. 

Web3 game shrapnel

Web3 gaming’s bad rep 

While this sounds amazing, in reality early Web3 game developers managed to get themselves a reputation for creating games that were all about making bank, and nothing about fun gameplay. Web3 gaming became known for absolutely sh*t games.

In addition, many Web3 games were just really, really hard to sign up to and use, while traditional games were easy to use. 

But now, Web3 game devs have pulled their finger out and are making huge strides to create games that include all of the utterly cool things about blockchain gaming, while promising great gameplay AND ease of use.

Shrapnel aims to be one of those games. It is the first blockchain-enabled AAA customisable First Person Shooter (FPS) game, owned by players.

Web3 game shrapnel

An AAA game is an informal term for a video game that has a large budget, a high-profile publisher, and a high level of production quality and polish. AAA games are often compared to blockbuster movies in terms of their scale, popularity, and impact.

Web3 game Shrapnel

Shrapnel qualifies as an AAA game because it is being developed by a team of award-winning talent that has worked on some of the biggest titles in the industry, such as Halo, Call of Duty, Star Wars, and Bioshock.

It also uses the Unreal 5 graphics game engine, which is one of the most advanced and realistic game engines available. 

If you are a fan of first-person shooters, blockchain technology, and player empowerment, Shrapnel might tick all your boxes.

What is the plot?

Shrapnel is set in a dystopian world in the year 2044, where players enter the ruthless lands known as the Sacrifice Zone. There, they compete to collect gear (in the form of NFTs) and a mysterious compound called Sigma. Players win by surviving long enough to reach one of several contested extraction points where they can escape with their loot and claim it as their own forever. But if they die, they lose it all. It’s a high-stakes treasure hunting experience.

Players can design their own maps, skins, weapons, and cosmetics using Shrapnel’s player-creator tools. Additionally, players can buy, sell, and trade their NFTs on the marketplace.

Blockchain tech

Shrapnel is built on the Avalanche subnet using blockchain technology. The game uses its own native token, SHRAP, which serves as the currency for all transactions on the platform. SHRAP also enables players to participate in the governance of the game, voting on key decisions that affect its direction and future.

Web3 game shrapnel

Many Web3 gaming platforms have promised us a lot, and then subsequently disappointed us. Shrapnel is just one of many new Web3 games that will soon hit the market, which makes the pledge that problems of the past have been fixed. 

Our fingers are crossed!