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Top 5 Web3 Gaming Trends Predicted for 2024

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Going into 2024, there has been a surge in Web3 gaming. Recent data from DappRadar reveals in November, the sector reached more than 1 million unique active wallets in the immersive realms of Web3 games daily. This may signal that blockchain games are back in the good books.

Professionals in the field predict a more dynamic year ahead for blockchain gaming, as blockchain tech, AI and gaming merge. 

Here is what is expected to play out in 2024.

1. Play-to-Earn (P2E) redefined

P2E games got themselves a reputation as being a total suckfest in 2023. It was all about money while forgetting the fun of gameplay, or so complained the players. However, in 2024, Web3 gaming will focus on better asset-incentivised economies. Tokens and digital assets will be able to be used across multiple gaming ecosystems.

Gamers will have ownership of both game IPs and in-game assets. Users can also create their own in-game assets, then swap or sell them, as NFTs or as tokens recorded on the blockchain, in marketplaces online. This means Web3 players will have a stake in the virtual worlds they inhabit.

2. Web3 gaming: Easier to gain entry

It won’t cost so much money to start using a game. More people can play as price won’t be a barrier to entry. Metaverses will adopt the Web3 economy, and will act like emerging economies, mirroring real-world economic principles.

3. AI has entered the chat

The fusion of AI and blockchain will start. AI will automate tasks like trading and farming within metaverses, driving innovation in gameplay design. In addition, generative AI infrastructure will transform games, using AI in this way will lead to faster and more creative games.

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4. Proof-Of-Humanity:

To maintain a fair and genuine player experience, game companies introduce proof of humanity for critical gameplay elements. This move aims to counter AI-driven bots and impostors, ensuring that the gaming community thrives on authenticity.

5. Web3 gaming regulation 

Major platforms like Google, Apple, and Steam, along with others in the gaming industry, will start regulating game IPs.