Robot Cache Lets You Sell Digital PC Games

Robot Cache is the New Platform That Lets You Sell Digital PC Games

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Picture this: you rinsed your favourite computer game to death — all levels clocked, all worlds explored, all missions accomplished. What next? Spend money on a whole new game? 

In a radical new concept, but blockchain-based gaming platform Robot Cache will let you sell and repurpose your digital games once you’ve finished playing with them. Just like the olden times of renting out new video games at the video store, Robot Cache has taken the concept of sustainably recycling games with its money-saving advantages into the virtual world. 

Robot Cache, developed by video game veterans who believe that gamers have a right to pass on their pre-loved games to other gamers within their online communities without forking out exorbitant finances and have old games go to waste, is now launching their game distribution platform here in Australia and LATAM. 

Aussie avid gamers can now explore more than 700 games across the platform and once finished, they can make a bit of cash by selling their game when they’re done playing. 

But for Robot Cache, instead of the platform taking a whoppingly brutal 30% cut from gaming creators, they only take 5%. 

On top of this, gamers who use the platform can also choose to use their idle computer power and put it to use — anyone can share their PC power to earn the platform’s digital currency IRON, which means you can make cash moola while you’re playing games, or just browsing the net. 

Or, if you’re keen to check out a new game, you can use the IRON you’ve earned to invest in a new and great game — meaning you might never have to pay for a new game again. Whatever floats your digital financial boat. 

The mission is to bring a win-win styled Web3 ecosystem to online gaming that puts the users and community first (wait, what?) by tapping into the advantages of it’s Casper based “proof-of-stake” blockchain. 

The team believes that access to games should be more accessible, fair, transparent and secure.  In addition, there’s plans to open their platform’s source-code to developers who can choose to expand on the concept even further. 

Some of the key publisher partners on the platform include Konami, 505 Games, Paradox Interactive and THQ Nordic, Deep Silver/Koch Media, and many more.  And the smorgasboard of computer games will continue to expand as Robot Cache leads its foray into more countries worldwide. 

How it works: 

1. Gamers buy and play from a wide selection of games. 

2. Gamers can choose to share PC computing power to earn digital currency to buy more games.

3. Gamers can list games they’ve rinsed or maybe didn’t enjoy so much for sale, and get 25% back on the game. 

To celebrate the Aussie launch and the spooky season, Robot Coche is giving away a free download of Dead Age 2: The Zombie Survival RPG from publisher Headup Games. Players can claim the game and enjoy discounts for the upcoming Halloween event which ends November 1st. Claim the free game here.

Robot Cache is founded by game industry veterans. The team behind the platform has over 200 years of combined experience with publishers including Disney Interactive, Microsoft, Playdom, Warner Bros Interactive, Activision/Blizzard, Midway, Atari and more.