Worldcoin price rise

Worldcoin Price Up 6.2% After Integrations With Shopify, Reddit, Minecraft, Discord and Telegram

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The Worldcoin price just jumped in the past 24 hours. What is driving this price rise? 

Worldcoin (WLD) is a cryptocurrency developed by OpenAI’s Sam Altman and frens. While all the attention lately has been on Altman’s dramas with ChatGPT, in the background, his global cryptocurrency project has been steaming ahead, in terms of collaborations and acceptance in mainstream organisations, and in price. 

Worldcoin price: CoinGecko
Worldcoin price: CoinGecko

One reason for the price jump might be that the crypto market is just generally up overall. 

Credit: app worldcoin price up
Credit: app

But there are a few things that could point to people getting more faith in the Worldcoin project. 

Worldcoin price vs Worldcoin controversies

While Worldcoin is steaming ahead, it isn’t without its controversies. To get the highest level of ID verification, users have to have their iris scanned by a Worldcoin “orb”. The orb translates the image into numbers, assigns that number as the person’s ID, and then, they claim, they dump the iris information. (Here’s an explainer on how that all works.)

worldcoin world ID sam altman crypto
Stare into the orb, human. Credit: Worldcoin

Many people aren’t as trusting as others with this process. 

Worldcoin price and Worldcoin app integrations

Regardless of whether people trust the process or not, Worldcoin has integrated with big-name apps recently in different ways. 


Worldcoin allows users to sign in to their Shopify accounts with their World ID, without sharing their email or password. This, they say, makes it easier for users to manage their online stores and transactions.


Worldcoin lets users play Minecraft with other players who have verified their identity with the Orb. This, they say, creates a more immersive and social gaming experience for users.


Worldcoin allows users to join different communities on Reddit using their World ID, without exposing their identity or location. This, says Worldcoin, gives users more freedom and control over their online interactions.


Worldcoin enables users to send and receive messages on Telegram using their World ID, without compromising their privacy or security. This, they claim, makes it faster and easier for users to communicate online.


Worldcoin’s Discord integration, says Worldcoin, helps server admins keep their community safe from bots and bad users. It gives them a way to make sure that only real people can do certain things on their server. For example, a server could have special channels or groups for humans only, stop unverified users from chatting, or just show who is verified with World ID.

Worldcoin price and Mercado Libre

While we don’t have Mercado Libre here in Australia, it is a huge player in Latin America, operating online marketplaces for e-commerce and online auctions. Mercado Libre allows people to buy and sell products, as well as offer services such as payments, shipping, and advertising. 

Worldcoin says it enables users to buy and sell products on Mercado Libre using their World ID, without revealing their personal information or bank details.  This huge integration could be driving the price of Worldcoin up.

Eyeball scans

You need to look into an orb to be able to use the highest level of World ID, and this service has not arrived everywhere. Worldcoin says it wants to make orbs available to everyone in the world, so more people can join its network and use both the ID and the Worldcoin cryptocurrency. 

 "the orb"

So far the company has been to 50 countries and 5 million people have signed up for the ID, according to the website.

Not everyone is a fan of  the idea of a world identity. Why should you have to prove who you are to play a game like Minecraft? Or to make a comment on Reddit? 

However, you can buy the cryptocurrency without having to scan anything. So as a speculative play, you can do that with the normal ID process of any crypto exchange that lists the crypto. Remember kids, the crypto market is volatile, and so is the price of Worldcoin!

The jury is out on whether Worldcoin and the Worldcoin ID will be a thing, despite all of the moves towards mainstream acceptance the company is making. And having a WorldID doesn’t sit right with everyone. I guess we all just have to keep watching!