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Taylor Swift’s Swifties Got Caught up in Bitcoiner Javier Milei’s Political War (And Other Bizarre Things)

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Bitcoiner Javier Milei just won the 2023 elections in Argentina. This guy is a wild card. His weird quirks seem to have made him a popular figure. And here are some of them!

Bizarre thing #1: Taylor Swift Swifties Got Involved

Taylor Swift’s concert in Argentina coincided with the tense political situation in the country. Sergio Massa, who is left-wing, and Javier Milei, who is right wing, were having a showdown while the concerts unrolled.  

Some Taylor Swift fans expressed their rejection of Milei by putting up posters and hashtags that compare him to Donald Trump. 

It seems that Taylor Swift’s tour managers might not be happy with the politicisation of her concert. But Swifites will be Swifties. 

Bizarre thing #2: The chainsaw

Milei brought a chainsaw to a rally, claiming it was a symbol of cutting taxes and public spending. We here at The Chainsaw feel this. Sort of. But also… one trip and someone loses an arm. Don’t do this at home, kids!

Bizarre thing #3: His cloned dog

Milei claims to have cloned his dog, using a Korean laboratory. He claims he has a unique bond with his dog Conan, an English mastiff that died in 2017. Milei paid $50,000 to a company called PerPETuate in the United States to clone his deceased pet, resulting in at least five genetic copies that he named after famous economists. 

Milei claims that Conan was his closest friend and confidant, and that he communicated with him through a medium.

Milei’s cloned dogs have become a media sensation in Argentina, reflecting his unconventional and controversial personality. 

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Bizarre thing #4: His cover songs (not better than Taylor Swift)

Javier Milei used to be in a band. It was a cover song outfit called Everest. Rolling Stones’ songs were their main offering. 

Stranger presidents have been elected, however many people in the crypto community are waiting to see his moves on just one thing: Whether, just like in El Salvador, he will make Bitcoin legal tender in the country. This move may push up the price of Bitcoin, as long as the chainsaw does not fall on our foot first.