Players can now earn Bitcoin while playing Minecraft. Image source: Getty

Gamers, You Can Now Earn Bitcoin Playing Minecraft

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Here’s a new side hustle idea for full-time gamers who want to make some extra moolah. Players are now able to earn small amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) for playing the wildly popular video game, Minecraft. That’s right: You can earn Bitcoin playing Minecraft.

This is enabled by Satlantis, a custom Minecraft server that integrates Bitcoin’s Lightning Network payment system powered by Zebedee. Based in Texas, Satlantis has been around since September 2022, claiming that it is the only Minecraft server that “shares its profits with players.”

Earn Bitcoin playing Minecraft: How much?

How much could you earn? Satlantis says it is giving out one million satoshis per week. For context, a ‘satoshi’ is the smallest denomination of BTC. It is named after Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, and one single satoshi is worth 0.00000001 Bitcoin.

In other words, one BTC is worth 100 million Satoshi. This means that Satlantis is giving away around US$300 (AU$447) in total to players. Hey, it’s peanuts, but it’s better than nothing, right?

Fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts tried out the Minecraft server back in June before its official release, and feedback on their gaming experiences were solid. 

The Satlantis server’s Minecraft universe runs, as expected, an in-game Bitcoin economy. This means that all purchases and spendings within the game use BTC as currency.

The Satlantis-Minecraft universe also features an in-game gift card store, and a mining and block reward game that lets users virtually mine for BTC. There is also an ‘onboarding’ corner in the video game that, as its name suggests, orange pills – sorry, onboards new players to the world of Bitcoin and crypto.

“My kids just got a summer job”

Reception from the crypto community towards Satlantis’ Minecraft server has been largely positive. Which was expected, of course – who wouldn’t want to earn money while sitting at the comfort of their own home, playing a video game?

“My kids just got a summer job,” joked a user on crypto Twitter. “Time to bring the children into the family business,” joked another Bitcoiner.

Which video game should be ‘Bitcoin-ified’ next? Fortnite, maybe?