Royal Children Get Age-Progressed Using AI: OMG the Hotness

What Kate and Wills’ Kids Will Look Like As Adults, Thanks to AI Age Progression

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Their royal hotnesses Wills and Kate already have super-cute and super-wealthy offspring, who may one day fight over the throne. And now, the royal children have been aged progressed, thanks to AI.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton, who are the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, as well as the Prince and Princess of Wales. Phew, such fancy titles.

Royal children as adults

So as we imagine these royal offspring sparring for a velvety chair, we may struggle to picture them as adults while they get into fisticuffs. Never fear, AI is here.

TikTokker fans of the British royals have been using AI to progress the royal offspring into how they might look as adultish humans. And damn, these kids are ready for the modelling agencies and the boy bands.

Princess Charlotte

This British princess has gotten the most attention from the AI generators. And intriguingly, in a lot of the photos she’s a bit of a dead ringer for her great-grandmother, the late Queen Lizzie. Princess Charlotte, who is currently 8 years old, is the fourth in line to the British throne, and the first female royal to retain her position in the line of succession regardless of the birth of any younger brothers. 

Her full name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, in honor of her great-grandmother and grandmother.

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Prince George

Prince George is 10 years old, and is the third in line to the British throne, after his father and grandfather.

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Prince Louis

Prince Louis, who is 5 years old, is the fifth in line to the British throne, and the youngest member of the Cambridge family.  His full name is Louis Arthur Charles, which pays tribute to his great-great-grandfather, grandfather and father.

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All three children have the surname Mountbatten-Windsor, which is a combination of their great-grandparents’ surnames. 

They also have the title of His or Her Royal Highness, and are also referred to as the Prince or Princess of Cambridge. The poshness is real.

Royal children fam: Hazza and Megs, Kate and Wills

Other royals have not been left out.

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After reading this royal article, we now know that AI is the gift that just keeps giving.