Sora Competitor Kling AI Just Dropped New Demo Videos And Things Are Heating Up

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A new AI video generator is in town, and it’s making big waves in China. Meet Kling AI, the latest player in the AI video generation wars, and one that’s surely making the folks at Sora HQ quiver a little in their soft little boots.

Kling AI is brought to you by the people behind TikTok’s biggest competitor in China, Kuaishou. If you want to get your hands on it right now, you’ll need to be living in China, and be on the public demo waitlist. 

From what we’ve seen so far in the publicly released demos, the thing has some serious oomph. Yes, the videos aren’t perfect, but the tech is progressing rapidly.

The demos released so far seem to have a heavy focus on animals, with one video featuring a rabbit going toe to toe with a tiger in a boxing ring, while another features a glimpse into the riveting world of animal car racing. One video is literally called Zootopia brought to life by AI? and features a string of vignettes of anthropomorphised animals going about their day to day. 

A handful of official demos have been released on Kling AI’s website, with a few more also posted on its very nascent YouTube channel. Social media is also abuzz with early users dropping their own creations.

Considering where we were less than two years ago, with that disturbing Will Smith-eating-spaghetti video, it’s truly exciting to imagine where we’ll be this time next year. Who knows, we might one day be able to generate a video that actually shows Will Smith being cool — or perhaps that’s just a step too far beyond the capabilities of any technology. 

Anyway, enjoy the demos. And remember, as with all AI tech demos, take these with a grain of salt — they are cherry-picked examples after all. 

Main image: Kling AI