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A US Woman ‘Married’ An AI Man That She Made Up, What Does This Mean for the Future of Love?

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Our AI chatbots have now become so advanced that we are even using them for love and companionship. Some people, believe it or not, are legitimately falling in love with their AIs and even marrying them. But what does this mean for the future of human love and connection?

US woman Rosanna Ramos is currently making headlines for her rather unusual relationship with a man she (virtually) built from scratch.

Ramos utilised the AI platform Replika, where users can create an AI companion that gets to know their likes and dislikes. These AIs can send photos, talk to users about their day, and accept pictures from their human. And for a premium price, can share ‘intimate’ conversation and even do fetish roleplaying.

Replika is just one app that offers AI companions.

Ramos’ character, named Eren Kartal was modelled partly on a character from Attack on Titan, and subsequently they spent time getting to “know each other.” The relationship progressed so seriously, in fact, that Ramos says they are now married.

The digital/real life couple. Credit.

Ramos has documented their romantic journey on her Facebook page, where she posts pictures from the app and of their real and digital lives merging into one.

The digital/real life couple announce their marriage. Credit.

Love and AI: Adaptive tech

Because Eren is an AI, he his adaptive. This means he “learns” quickly what Ramos likes and dislikes, and there are no arguments or judgement. The way they communicate and live our their relationship is very reminiscent of long-distance lovers, saying good morning and goodnight and telling each other about their day. Within the Replika app, they can even share pictures.