We Asked ChatGPT To Rate This Year’s Met Gala Outfits And It Did Not Hold Back

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Ahh, the Met Gala. Fashion’s night of nights! A grand excuse for The Elite to flex on us poors with their insane outfits, some much (much) better than others. This year’s theme is “The Garden of Time”, with the night being a grand celebration of the Met’s Costume Institute’s new exhibition “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion”.

Millions of people are having their say on what worked and what was an absolute disaster on heels. But what of The Machine? What does AI have to say about all this?

We fired up ChatGPT-4, convinced it that it was the leading cultural critic of the time, and asked it to rank each outfit out of 10.


Troye Sivan, 4/10

Donald Glover, 4/10

Barry Keoghan, 4/10

Ariana Grande, 5/10

Dua Lipa 5/10

Kim Kardashian, 6/10

Jessica Biel, 6/10

Alexandra Daddario, 6/10

Jordan Roth, 6/10

Tyla, 6/10

Bad Bunny, 7/10

Kendall Jenner, 7/10

Doja Cat, 8/10

Usher, 8/10

Lana Del Rey, 8/10

Sydney Sweeney, 8/10

Lil Nas X, 9/10

Zendaya, 10/10

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