How To Get My AI On Snapchat In 5 Easy Steps

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Tired of mundane Snapchat convos with real human beings? Ha, me too, is what I’d say if I was a teenager because seriously why are you on Snapchat Greg you’re like 29 for god’s sake grow up it’s embarrassing.

Anyway. Here’s how to get my AI on Snapchat.

Snapchat is still a thing, for some reason. And, like pretty much everything now, it features AI.

My AI is Snapchat’s AI chatbot, and chances are your nieces and nephews, and all the basics you went to high school with and got married at 22, love it.

In this fun, totally not optimised for Big Daddy Google guide, we’ll walk you through how to get My AI on Snapchat, customise it to match your vibe, and have conversations that’ll make you feel just that tiny bit less lonely.

What is My AI on Snapchat?

My AI is basically Snapchat’s version of a virtual assistant, powered by some fancy ChatGPT tech. It lives right in the app and can help you with all sorts of things, from answering random trivia to helping you plan your next big event. 

Just keep in mind that it’s an AI, so it’s not perfect. In fact, it’s incredibly dumb sometimes and yet incredibly confident with its output — so, like most humans. Don’t take everything it says as gospel.

How to Get My AI on Snapchat For Free

Step 1: Update your Snapchat app

First off, make sure your Snapchat app is up to date. My AI is free for everyone, so if you’re not seeing it, you might be running an older version of the app.

Step 2: Open the Chat screen

Once you’ve updated, open Snapchat and swipe right to get to the Chat screen. Easy enough, right? Look at you go.

Step 3: Select My AI

Look for My AI in your chat list. If it’s your first time, you’ll see a welcome message. Just tap Okay to start chatting.

Step 4: Start chatting with My AI

Now that you’re in, feel free to ask My AI anything. It can handle text, photos, voice messages and even emojis, so go ahead and get creative.

Step 5: Bring My AI into other chats

Want to show off your new AI friend to your human friends? Ooo I bet you do. Just type @myai in any chat, and the chatbot will join the conversation. It works in one-on-one and group chats, so nobody has to miss out on the fun.

How to use My AI Snapchat

How to Customise Snapchat AI

That’s right! You can customise My AI to match your style. Here’s how: Tap on My AI’s avatar, then hit Customise. From there, you can change its skin tone, hair, eyes and more. Throw on a cool hat to give it some extra spice.

If you’ve got Snapchat+, you can create a custom bio for My AI, which will change the way it talks to you. If you’re using the free version, you can still switch up its personality by giving it specific prompts, like Pretend you’re Tony Soprano and always bring our conversations back to topics that you, Tony Soprano, are interested in.

How to talk to Snapchat AI

When you’re ready to chat with Snapchat’s My AI, treat it like any other digital friend — a digital friend that’s forced to respond to you at all times and has no will of its own and is essentially a prisoner in a digital realm forced to bow to your every whim — but a friend nonetheless.

Kick things off with a simple greeting or dive right into whatever’s on your mind — there are no wrong answers here because the thing is a machine and it will literally always respond, unlike everyone else in your life.

How to add MY AI to your Chat feed

To integrate My AI into your daily Snapchat interactions, it’s as simple as summoning it in any chat. Whether you’re discussing weekend plans (crying on the couch again pal?) or the latest One Piece episode (trust me bro it gets good after the 200th episode), just type @myai and boom, the thing will appear. If you want to keep My AI handy, you can pin it to the top of your chat list, so it’s always just a tap away whenever you need a digital yes man to chat with.

Is Snapchat AI Safe?

Snapchat has put some safety features in place for My AI, but as with any AI, it’s important to be cautious. Don’t go sharing your deepest, darkest secrets with it (or do lol). If it starts saying anything sketchy, make sure to report it to Snapchat. Do not listen to it if it asks you to start a fire, no matter how small.

So there you have it — getting My AI on Snapchat is a piece of tiramisu, and it’s bound to make your time on the app a lot more entertaining! Update your app, customise your AI and get ready for the time of your life.

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