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I Used GigaBrain AI To Make Life Decisions Based On Reddit Comments And It Only Nailed One

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GigaBrain is an AI that offers something a little different than the rest of the artificial intelligence (AI) assistants out there. It provides answers based on popular opinions scraped from forums like Reddit.

At the moment, the darling of AI is ChatGPT. This AI assistant gives answers to human queries based on information scraped from the internet as a whole. Elon Musk’s impending AI assistant, xAI, claims it will give answers based on scientific texts. 

While these AIs give answers based on “facts” there is another AI on the scene that is offering something a bit more human. GigaBrain scans online communities like Reddit and other forums for popular opinions. Their slogan is, “Cut the noise. Get real answers from real people.”

GigaBrain could be more human

GigaBrain should work in theory. Mass opinion from forums like Reddit can be useful, surely? Reddit is a social media platform and online community where users can share, discuss, and vote on content related to various topics. Users can bring up any subject for discussion, and then other users upvote or downvote the responses based on their interest and quality. The most popular posts and comments rise to the top of the subreddit’s feed.

An example of an idea posed in Reddit and comments offered. Credit

When someone asks GigaBrain a question, GigaBrain answers are based on the most agreed-upon opinions from Reddit and other forums. Presumably, this can translate to a great meeting of minds?

According to GigaBrain the AI, “analyses billions of comments for you. You get the TL;DR. We combine human feedback with cutting edge language models to get you answers from reputable users. Save time. Gain brain cells.”

While this idea is kind of cute, there is one thing to factor in here. People who are permanently online in forums are probably not the best people to seek out opinions from. And also opinions are not facts. And, opinions can suck a whole lot.

Despite this, we tried it out! I asked an emotional question, two crypto questions, a career question, and an AI question. Here’s how GigaBrain pulled up.

GigaBrain and an Emotional question

Query: How do I stop overreacting once I start?


What GigaBrain said:

-Seek therapy or counselling to address underlying issues.

-Practise self-awareness and emotional regulation techniques.

-Communicate openly and honestly with others about your emotions.

-Validate your own feelings and give yourself permission to react, but also strive to gain perspective.

-Surround yourself with supportive and understanding people.

Rating: Meh. These are not really helpful or superior to solutions I could find online from genuine medical people.

Note: I was also presented with a solution for which dog breeds overreact to other dogs (“Black Labs Oh no! What dog breed does your dog over react to?”). Yikes!

GigaBrain and an AI Question:

Will an AI Eventually Rule the World?

What GigaBrain said:

-The question of whether AI should rule the world is debated, with some commenters suggesting that it depends on the type of AI and whether it is benevolent or not.

-Some believe that AI will eventually rule the world because it can perform tasks more efficiently than humans.

-Others express concerns about the impact of AI on the human race and the potential for AI to prioritise certain values over others.

-AI already rules the world and is not tolerating dissent.

-One commenter believes that humans are too corrupted and easily disturbed by emotions to rule the world effectively.

Rating: Meh. There wasn’t a final answer here. Considering it is opinion, there should have been a definitive opinion given.

GigaBrain and a Cryptocurrency question:

What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in?

(This isn’t financial advice people, DO NOT buy anything listed here because this AI could be an idiot).

What GigaBrain said:

-Bitcoin and Ethereum are widely recommended as safe investments

-Consider diversifying with a small allocation to other altcoins based on research and personal preference 

-Some mentioned altcoins with potential include ADA, MATIC, XRP, ALGO, ATOM, DOT, DOGE, CRO, MOONs, LRC, RMRK, DKT, TOWER, CVP, RIN, ICONS,RBIF, JACY, YOTE, DYOR, GTH, PSP, FTM, DAFI, AIOZ, SOL, AXS, SAND, TLM, and JUNO.

Rating: Meh. 90% of the altcoins suggested above have never been heard of at The Chainsaw and we are crypto journalists!


Another crypto question:

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

What GigaBrain said:

The true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, remains unknown. There are various theories and speculations about who Satoshi Nakamoto might be, but no definitive evidence has been presented. Some popular candidates include Hal Finney, Dorian Nakamoto, Nick Szabo, and others. Craig Wright’s claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto is widely disputed and considered by many to be false.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s anonymity adds to the intrigue and mystery surrounding Bitcoin’s origins.

Rating: Super meh! If the answers are based on people’s opinions, there should be a definite opinion!

Career question:

What Should I Study at University to Make the Most Money?

What GigaBrain said:

-Pursuing engineering can be a lucrative path with good job prospects and salary potential. 

-Consider computer science or software engineering for high-paying jobs in technology.

-Sales can also offer high earning potential, especially with commission-based roles. 

Rating: Fairly good, although these are the usual suspects. There are better answers out there.

Conclusion: GigaBrain gets 2 stars

Overall, this AI is a bit of a “yeah nah”. The tech is probably great, doing what it is supposed to do, which is to work out the most-supported opinions about any topic. The thing that needs to be factored in, is the question… “Are most opinions stupid?”

Happy artificial intelligencing, people.