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DirtyTalkGPT: The Famous AI Assistant Gets Integrated Into a Sex Toy, Causes a “Buzz”

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It was only a matter of time. ChatGPT has been integrated into a sex toy. Using the magic of AI, users of a sex toy can now generate dirty talk while in-situ. While the idea is good, what does it sound like in practice? Does dirty talk AI cut the mustard?

Lovense, makers of ‘intimate pleasure products’, or as normal people call them, sex toys, have announced the integration of ChatGPT into one of their toys: The ChatGPT Pleasure Companion.


Owners of the device can access the ChatGPT function via the app that goes with the toy.

Dirty talk AI: The promise

The promise is that users of the toy can indulge in their deepest sexual fantasies while self-loving by listening to a storytelling experience facilitated by ChatGPT. More or less, users input what they like sexually onto the app, and then the device uses ChatGPT to generate a personalised story tailored to their sexual preferences while they self-pleasure.

Once the story is crafted, the device narrates to the user. It can even synchronise vibrations to enhance the sensory experience. The sales pitch is that as the story becomes more thrilling and intense, the stronger and faster the toy’s response will be.

While the idea is really kind of cool, in practice, it’s a little “not-hot”. But don’t let us tell you how to feel, here is how it sounds (starts at 15 seconds).

I think we can all agree that even the most ardent lovers of the idea will struggle to get it over the line using this particular ChatGPT integration.

ChatGPT integration

ChatGPT itself is an impressive language model, trained on an extensive range of text data. This extensive training empowers ChatGPT to generate text responses that eerily resemble human-like language. The key word there is “resemble”.

ChatGPT isn’t quite human, it speaks robotese and it sometimes tells wild lies. But for providing pleasure to a sex toy? It could be just the ticket, when the tech improves a little.

Twitter, of course, had some fun with the idea.


The ChatGPT integration with the Lovense Pleasure Companion is still in its beta phase. So it is not something that is anything close to a finished product. While it isn’t perfect yet, obviously, this is the good use of AI. 

Conclusion? Let’s all calm the farm. It isn’t as horny and hot as everyone is making out, but the promise is definitely there. We await a more perfect future, but this ain’t it… yet.