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ChatGPT Can Write Books, But Are They Selling on Amazon?

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ChatGPT-written books on Amazon are now a thing. But, are these offerings written by the AI assistant actually selling?

Since ChatGPT launched, approximately 1,000 books have been published which have been either co-authored or fully written by the AI language assistant. So how are the sales numbers looking?

According to a study by Vishesh Gupta, of CBH, over 90% of the books have not yet achieved a single sale, and other have negligible sales. None appear on the ‘bestseller rank’ on Amazon.

Of the 1,000 books, only 91 books have an actual review. Most are rated by just one or two customers only. Of course, it’s easy to assume that this is the author and/or their mum.

Ever since OpenAI’s ChatGPT-3 started gaining traction with everyday users, people have used the AI to write books and articles, with differing levels of success.

ChatGPT books on Amazon

Of the 1,000 books that were published using ChatGPT, the vast majority needed a lot of human intervention by human writers.

Only 12 are written solely by ChatGPT. Here are three examples.

ABCs of ChatGPT: How to Use ChatGPT 101


Make More Money with ChatGPT: Ideas, Examples, and Guides For Starting and Growing Your Business


Talk with God: Exploring Religion and Spirituality with ChatGPT


Are People Buying AIWritten Books? 

Are there any AI-written books on the Amazon bestseller list? That would be a hard no. The overall performance of these books in not even close to the top ten.

Credit: Vishesh Gupta of CBH.

It seems that there is little to no sales for these AI-written books. If you think you can become an overnight writer using AI technology, this study will make you think twice.


What about ratings? There might be a few tumbleweeds flying past here, as most have been ignored by the internet. However, of the ones that do have ratings, they can be an interesting read.

For example, this book is called Artificial Imagination: The World’s First AI Crafted Sci-Fi Adventure.


The ratings left for this book prove to be a wild journey through what humans will accept from an AI.


Some are filthy-disgusted and others are impressed, allowing for the fact that the text is a bit… robotic.

Credit: Vishesh Gupta of CBH.

ChatGPT books: Conclusion

You can use AI to help you write a book for pleasure and for the experiment value. But if you want to make a profit? You’ll need to get a real job.

It was worth a try, right?