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A-List AI: Here Are the Celebs Investing Their Cash into Artificial Intelligence

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Celebs and AI: Celebrities love a bandwagon to jump on, and it seems artificial intelligence (AI) projects might be the next big thing for them to throw their attention — and huge amounts of cash — into. Here are some of the AI investments that famous peeps are pursuing.

Celebs and AI: Jay-Z

Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z’s venture capital firm, Marcy Venture Partners, has recently invested in Stellar Pizza, an AI-driven restaurant.

The restaurant was founded by a team of former SpaceX engineers, and with the new funding, they plan to expand across the world.

Stellar Pizza serve hot pizzas from their food trucks. The difference here though, is that the trucks have robotic systems and AI tech so that the humans don’t have to make the pizza. They just punch in the order and the pizza pops out the other end.

We can imagine a day where the pizza truck takes the order and then the food is made enroute to your house, delivered in minutes.

The pizza truck’s robotic system eliminates the need for expensive real estate and significantly reduces the cost of labour. Bye, humans.

Jay-Z is proving himself to be quite the entrepreneur. His investment in the AI-driven restaurant is a promising indicator of the future of the AI-food industry. The growing trend of robotics in the food doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Although it isn’t a perfect system yet; the AI at McDonald’s has been dragged a lot on social media, for example.

Jay-Z’s interest in tech-driven food brands is not new. In 2021, he joined a group of investors in a plant-based chicken company called SIMULATE. Jay-Z’s investment in Stellar Pizza and other tech-driven food brands highlights where this industry is headed — to the bots.


Celebs and AI: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s venture capital firm, Regeneration VC, has stepped in to help a startup called Greyparrot with some extra cashflow. This comes after another investor reneged on their investment, risking the recycling project.

Greyparrot is a company that uses art