Wavie cofounders using AI to help people sell their homes.

Aussies Will Soon Be Able To Sell Their Home with AI

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Selling your home can be a stressful time, and rough on the wallet, but two Aussies have tried to find a way to simplify the process with a bit of help from AI.

Property expert Andy Dunn and third-generation real estate agent Josh Luschwitz came together to launch Wavie, a platform designed to enable people to put their property on the market and get the sale done without needing an agent.

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, combined with a deep-rooted commitment to the needs of clients, Wavie is redefining real estate,” Luschwitz said. 

“Our mission is to streamline transactions, making them not just simpler and more intelligent, but also drastically more economical for homeowners everywhere.

How is the tech used?

Dunn and Luschwitz told The Chainsaw AI was being used to assist people in selling their homes by creating marketing material and even providing help when it comes to sale negotiations.

“Once the home is listed on the platform, and has provided the details on the amount of bedrooms, bathrooms etc, our AI will then go to work and create marketing copy they can use,” Luschwitz said.

“And with the negotiations, it’s the same sort of thing. The AI learns the sellers’ preferences during the onboarding process, so when somebody comes in and asks a question or wants to negotiate, the AI will come back to the vendor and say, ‘You’ve had this question, based on what I know about you, here are four responses you could use’. So it’s just that little helping hand. 

“People have to do the work themselves but we’ve got that assistance so they don’t have to think so much.”

Using AI to sell your home will soon be possible for Aussies. (Source: Wavie)

Dunn said using new technology enables a far easier process for those looking to sell their home.

“So property tech, everything out there is always aimed for the real estate agents to make it better and easier for them to sell houses,” Dunn said.

“We want to give it directly to the consumer so that they can do it themselves, even if they don’t know how to sell a house, we can hold their hand through the whole process and help them sell it.”

But how much money does it really save someone selling their home?

When Waivie launches early next year, there will be three packages available ranging from $7,000 to $15,000.

On the higher end of the scale, the platform will provide things like a professional photographer and valuation of the property.

On the lower end you have to take the pictures yourself, but the AI would help to turn them into a more professional quality. The AI would also do a valuation of the home by comparing the property to others in the area.

Services will also include support, listings on sales platforms, conveyancing, social media and signage, and digital marketing.

But where the savings come in is for the real estate agent’s commission – of which there would not be none. Whereas most real estate agents take home around 2 percent of the sale price.

“As a real estate agent myself, I still absolutely love selling homes and running my agency. This new platform by no means serves to attack or denigrate agents, I see this new service as an alternative option for people who also see the potential of this type of platform,” Luschwitz said.