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Side Hustle Help: Amazon’s New AI Image Generator Makes Creating Ads Easier

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If you are a side-hustler extraordinaire who sells products on Amazon, or an affiliate marketer who sells other people’s products, then take a look at this. Amazon’s new AI lets you create ads in just seconds using generative AI.

Creating ads that stand out and attract clicks is not easy. You need to have a good understanding of your target audience, your value proposition, and your brand identity. You also need to have the skills and resources to produce high-quality images that showcase your product in the best possible way.

Earlier this year, Amazon surveyed their advertisers who had failed ad campaigns. A huge 75 percent of respondents said creating ads and ad formats was their biggest challenge.

That’s where Amazon’s new image generation tool might come in handy. The AI is a generative solution that allows hustlers to create lifestyle images for their ads in seconds, without any technical or design expertise.

All a hustler needs is a product image on a white background, and the tool will do the rest.

Here’s the hard sell.

As Amazon themselves said, “Advertising has always been part art and part science—and the art part is about to get a whole lot easier.”

Lifestyle ads

But why use lifestyle images for ads? Because it works. Lifestyle images show the product in use, in a context that the buyer can understand and match to their own life.

Like with the toaster above, you can put it in a household context or with some seasonal decorations. You could even put a vat of Vegemite in the background because who doesn’t like black salty goo on their toast.

Using lifestyle images in mobile sponsored brand ads can increase click-through rates by 40 percent compared to standard product images, according to Amazon.

How to use Amazon’s image generation tool?

Amazon’s image generation tool is currently in beta and available for advertisers who use the Amazon Ad Console.

To use it, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Select your product and click Generate.
  • The tool will use generative AI to produce a set of lifestyle and brand-themed images based on your product details.
  • You can refine the image by entering short text prompts, such as “summer” or “breakfast”.
  • You can create and test multiple versions of the image to optimise performance.

Side hustle savings

If you are a side-hustler without a huge budget, then this could be a good way of avoiding having to pay creatives for their expertise. If you become a rich affiliate bro or sis, then you could hire the advertising big guns at a later stage.

This isn’t Amazon’s first plunge into AI. The platform has been using generative AI for other purposes as well, such as helping sellers write compelling product descriptions.

Side-hustlers, your time is now. Go sell!