top VR headsets coming in 2024

VR: Top 4 Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality Headsets Coming In 2024

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2024 is predicted by experts to be the year where artificial intelligence continues its impressive breakthroughs. However, with Apple’s Vision Pro underway, it seems that virtual reality (VR) or mixed reality (XR) is also about to have an excellent year.

Aside from Apple, several big names in the tech industry are gearing up to launch their very own VR headsets to compete in the market.

Here are the top four most-anticipated VR/XR headsets coming in 2024.

1. Apple: Vision Pro

Apple fans have been speculating about the company’s XR headset since rumours about Vision Pro surfaced 3 years ago. Now, Apple is reportedly accelerating production of Vision Pro, with a February retail debut.

The Vision Pro will have a starting price of US$3,499 (AU$5,210), so make sure your wallet is chonky.

2. Meta: Quest Pro 2

Mark Zuckerberg promised the world the metaverse, and despite having already lost billions of dollars, he’s continuing to deliver on his word.

Meta’s Quest 3 headset was the hottest-selling VR device in the US for Christmas in 2023. How do we know that? Its accompanying iOS app, ‘Meta Quest’, jumped to first place in the ‘free app’ category on the iOS App Store charts on Christmas Day.

In September 2023, reports surfaced from South Korean media that Meta is partnering with LG to work on a future Quest Pro headset. While there’s no confirmation yet from either side, and the first product reportedly won’t launch until 2025, expect more rumours surrounding the mystery new Quest Pro to surface.

3. Samsung: XR headset

Another headset on the list that’s shrouded in mystery. Samsung’s headset will be a mixed reality device, and it will be created in collaboration with Google.

This upcoming XR headset, codenamed ‘Infinite’, has been described as a fierce rival to Apple’s Vision Pro. It is rumoured to be unveiled to the world around the second half of 2024, and sold to consumers in December 2024.

4. Pico: 4

Pico, a VR company owned by ByteDance, which is the owner of – you guessed it – TikTok, initially planned to launch a fifth generation of its popular VR headset, Pico 5. However, due to layoffs and internal restructuring, Pico dropped plans for Pico 5.

Instead, sources say Pico is currently focusing on continuing on an “updated version of Pico 4”. At the same time, ByteDance also denied reports it is abandoning its VR ambition.

An attendant, right, wears a Pico 4 virtual reality (VR) headset in the Pico Technology Japan booth at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba, Japan, on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023. The show runs through to Sept. 24. Photographer: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images

… and there we have it, folks. Avid VR enthusiasts, consider this the hottest year yet for VR and VR gaming.