Slap SBF: The Down Bad FTX Movie

Dream Job Alert: Get Paid to Slap SBF With a Cucumber

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Slap SBF: Drama Labs, the “entertain-to-earn” company behind the Solana-based NFT project ‘Outcast Academy‘, have released an webpage where users can get paid for slapping a cartoon depiction of disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) with a cucumber.

The pseudonymous co-founder of Drama Labs and Outcast Academy, ‘Ilan’ tells that Chainsaw that the idea came from giving the crypto community a funny way to vent their frustrations at the FTX meltdown.

“Right now, we’re all hurting because of FTX. We can’t help people get their money back — but we can give them the catharsis of slapping SBF with a cucumber.”

Ilan, co-founder of Outcast Academy

Users who choose to whack SBF with the cartoon cucumber will earn one ‘DRAMA’ token — the native token of Drama Labs ecosystem — for every slap.

As an added incentive, the Drama Labs team have created a sweepstakes where holders of the DRAMA token go in the running to win a number of humurous crypto-themed prizes, including a 24-karat-gold FTT coin, a ‘f*ck-ton’ of Oreos and a even second-hand Toyota Corolla so that users can “drive and smell like SBF”.

Crypto enthusiasts on both Twitter and Reddit all seem to agree that it’s a great way to poke fun at what rapidly became a very serious situation.

“Down Bad”: The FTX Movie

Ilan added that while the ‘Slap-to-Earn’ project was good fun, it’s ultimately just a small part of a much bigger project to create “the FTX movie that Crypto Twitter deserves”.

“It’s not going to be the puff piece Hollywood version. We wrote an FTX film that holds SBF, Caroline, Gary Gensler, VCs, the press — EVERYONE accountable, while also being unhinged and entertaining AF,” Yawp said.

Slap SBF: Script

Ilan encourages everyone with an interest in the FTX debacle to take a look at the script and help “meme the film into existence”. He says that the movie will be based on “the best shitposts, citizen journalism, and conspiracy theories of the internet.”

“There are 2 other FTX movies in development but those will take years to produce. Our advantage is being a 1st mover — we already completed the feature film script. Our 2nd advantage is viral support. People have slapped SBF more than 11,000,000 times. We have the power here to tell the FTX story as it should be told,” Ilan said.

This creative initiative is something that the wider crypto community has responded positively to, especially since the hundreds of thousands of everyday investors with money stuck on FTX are now coming up against the brutal reality that any funds still held on the now-defunct exchange could be lost forever.

While users of cryptocurrency exchanges may feel like they are owed the same protections as bank account holders, they have far less legal protection. In the case of FTX, they are what’s known as ‘unsecured creditors’. This means that the everyday users of FTX stand to be some of the last to recover funds.

Overall, this project comes at a time when some light-hearted catharsis is one of the best solutions to the emotional and financial catastrophe created by crypto’s most hated figure