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Fashion Tech Just Got Wild: This Dress Can Change Colour or Style By Pressing a Button

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Fashion tech just got really, reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllly interesting. At an Adobe event last week offering a sneak peek at coming technologies, one project stood out like a beacon in a dark night. It was called Project Primrose and it stopped everyone in their tracks. 

The show featured a dress that could change colour or pattern (or both) with the touch of a button. Adobe, in collaboration with research scientist Christine Dierk, created something that most dress fans could only ever dream of. 

While it is still in prototype form, this extraordinary dress possesses the ability to transform its design and style thanks to its animated and shapeshifting features. At the click of a button Christine’s dress, adorned with “scales”, can display a brand new pattern.

Future potential

The potential this dress holds is wild. For those who don’t really like the idea of shopping all the time as fashion comes and goes, there may be a time where humans can buy just one dress and not have to buy more ever again. The singular dress can then be changed into what they like with the download of a design and the click of a button. 

Project primrose dress projectprimrose

From a red dress, to a patterned dress, to a uniform, different designs can be bought online and downloaded, without having to own multiple outfits. All we will need is one garment that fits us perfectly, and go from there. 

The display on the “scales” can bend and fold, using a special material that can change how it reflects light.

And that’s not all. Dierk has also applied the tech to handbags, bracelets and other styles of clothing. Imagine changing your bag to match your dress every day without having to change your actual bag or dress!

the bag that can be restyled by AI

In the future, designers will not only create the dress/suit/pants/shirt, but they may also create a downloadable pattern/colour that goes with the garment.

AI integration

The garment serves as a canvas for content creators and designers, allowing them to project their designs and creative works onto it, much like an artist on a canvas. But it is not just designers who will be able to do this.

Because of Adobe’s interest in AI, it will possibly be integrated with the garments. That is, AI would be used to create designs. It is possible that you could design your own patterns using their AI using tools like Adobe Firefly. You could be your own favourite designer.

The project even hints at the potential for applying this technology in other creative domains, such as the furniture industry. Yes, that’s right you can change the colour of your sofa and the cushions with the click of a button!

There’s more. Adobe’s Project Primrose could one day integrate this technology into other surfaces, providing an almost infinite range of style possibilities. Cars? Billboards? Buildings? Bridges? The mind boggles. What an absolutely exciting future for our eyeballs!