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AR Contact Lens Merges Real Life and the Metaverse

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AR Contact Lens: A new contact lens by Mojo Vision promises an absolutely mental augmented reality experience. This device gives the user a Terminator-like view of the world, and we are definitely interested.

Terminator view just got real. For real.

Using this device is like living in a sci-fi movie. Except it is real, and it’s nearly here. This shiz is fecking wild.

Get information about the constellations in the sky. Aw romantic!

The company behind this mind-blowing technology is called Mojo Lens.

They have built a smart contact lens that has an inbuilt display giving users live information about the world around them, without interrupting how people see the world.

The real-world applications for this technology are brain-bending. The lens will enhance the world without users having to look down at a screen or press anything.

Here’s the pitch.

Real-world uses for Mojo Vision

Riding a bike down a mountain? It can tell you where the next curve is. Stepping into the supermarket? It will project your shopping list onto your eyeball.

In a meeting? It will remind you of everyone’s name and the company they represent. Need to get to a new address you have never been to before? The map will guide you. 

Augmented reality means that you won’t have to look down at your phone when you find your way.

Can’t speak the language? It will translate in real-time.

This device is an absolute game-changer and we are here for it. It makes Elon Musk and his Neuralink implant seem positively barbaric.

So how far along are we on this tech? It seems we are closer than most realise we are. The prototype is up and running and ready to get up close and personal with eyeballs.

An area of strong uptake is guessed to be in athletes. Mojo has recently collaborated with some big names and fitness brands such as Adidas, to offer an “eyes-up, hands-free” workout.

augmented reality mojo vision contact lens lenses metaverse virtual reality
Exercise will be a hands-free eyes-up experience

Prototype is lit

There are some world firsts in the prototype. For example, it has the world’s smallest and densest display for projecting augmented reality imagery. It has hardly any lag when streaming visual data. And it also offers eye tracking and an “eye-controlled user interface to access and interact with AR content with just a glance.”

AR Contact Lens: Mojo vision device broken down into parts.

Mike Wiemer is the co-founder of Mojo Vision. He says, “Innovating the new features in the lens is a tremendous amount of work, but successfully bringing them all together into an integrated system in such a small form factor is a considerable achievement in cross-disciplined product development.”

To do all of this research, Mojo Vision raised more than US$205m in funding. Investors include Dolby Family Ventures, HP Tech Ventures, Motorola Solutions, Edge Investments, Amazon Alexa Fund, and others.

The drawbacks

Of course, there are nuggets of anxiety that come with any new tech. The new lens, for example, gives us the opportunity to cheat on exams. But… we all cheated on exams even when it was low-tech. Who didn’t write notes into their uniform skirt hem? Keep up, non-cheaters.

augmented reality mojo vision contact lens lenses metaverse virtual reality
AR Contact Lens: The innards of the device. Source: Mojo Vision

There’s also the worry that we will have ads sprayed all over our world. Um… like we do now… on billboards, buses, trains, taxis, and on social media etc?

And of course, perhaps it will help us read body language, revealing the speaker’s true position. Imagine a world where we had to tell the truth?

augmented reality mojo vision contact lens lenses metaverse virtual reality
Only one eye will have the lens, just like the Terminator. Yikes!

It’s a brave new world. And honestly this sounds totally awesome. What could possibly go wrong?

On a side-note, Mojo, when are you inviting journalists to review it? I’m just saying my email address is [email protected] in case you need it.