Here’s Everything Biohacker Bryan Johnson Is Selling On His $530 ‘Anti-Ageing’ Food List

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The poster child — or should we say, poster young man — of the biohacking movement, Bryan Johnson, has generously offered to share his anti-ageing secrets with us old, haggard mortals.

Johnson’s online merchandise store Blueprint is now selling a range of extraordinarily nutritious health foods ranging from $60 cocoa powder to a whole “Blueprint Stack” supplements and oil kit that costs $528.

Naturally, it’s the “Blueprint Stack” that caught our attention. What’s inside? Three packets of supplement powders, eight bottles of pills and extra virgin olive oil packed in a UV-resistant glass bottle.

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The company describes its assortment of level 9,000 health foods as products that are “competing for the most nutritious program in history”. With the nutrition facts of each product meticulously detailed in a Microsoft Excel-like spreadsheet, perhaps that’s what you need to do to stay young and fit.

Biohacking on food alone?

Blueprint claims the assortment of foods included in the “Stack” is the result of 30 scientists, 74 health interventions from experts, over 1,000 clinical trials, and millions of dollars. That’s right — our boy Johnson himself personally invested time, money, effort, and even his body (and penis!) on the line to concoct the perfect formula for you to age backwards.

The “Stack” may look like an impressive feat in nutritional science, but let’s not forget that biohacking is much more than protein powders.

Bryan Johnson is a billionaire who spends fortunes in his quest to reverse his biological age. He has a team of scientists, dieticians and fitness coaches monitoring his health 24/7. He adheres to a strict diet and workout regime that not even Hollywood actors could cope with.

Last year, he even underwent a stem cell transfusion to rejuvenate his body. “I am now made of young Swedish bone marrow,” Johnson wrote on Instagram. Johnson didn’t disclose the cost of this procedure, but rest assured it’s wildly out of reach of us peasants!

So, Blueprint’s $528 food kit is barely scratching the surface for those who want to live forever young like Johnson. We’d love to give the “Blueprint Stack” food kit a trial, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, we’ll stick to the Mediterranean diet and eat our greens.

Image: Bryan Johnson via Instagram