You Can Chat About Your Moral Dilemmas With this New BibleGPT, Cos Y’all Need Jesus

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BibleGPT has hit the the AI circuit in an intriguing new offering that might give ChatGPT a run for its money. May the artificial intelligence overlords have mercy on our souls.

Forget ChatGPT3, ChatGPT4, and Sparrow

Are you having a moral issue? Do you need guidance from a place other than your own inner circle?

Well then, if you are partial to a bit of religious advice, you might want to consider trying an artificial intelligence (AI) Bible.

Yes that day has come where you can put your moral dilemma into an AI and it will throw advice right back at you. These wisdoms are based upon the usually confusing allegories of a 2000-year-old tome.

While ChatGPT3, ChatGPT4 and Sparrow might also have answers, if you are seeking the divine, then this AI wins.

Called BibleGPT, it promises to help you through the murky world of your life thanks to a boffin called Andrew Gao, who is also working on a TorahGPT.

BibleGPT Bible chatGPT ChpatGPT3 ChatGPT4 AI artificial intelligence

Of course, like it’s namesake ChatGPT, it is often under big demand, so there seems to be a lot of people who damn well need the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost in their life.

Removing the human element from moral dilemmas can only be a good thing, right? Right?

BibleGPT and the big moral questions

If you have found your way to this page, you might be a crypto enthusiast. We crypto humans are of the hope that our ship will come in via digital coins, even if that ship is a jetski. But is it wrong to want to be rich? Let’s ask the AI Bible.

I think we are in the clear here, crypto enthusiasts.

What version of BibleGPT should you choose?

The BibleGPT AI gives you two different versions of the Bible to choose from. For the uninitiated (which is most of us, we are largely unclean heathens these days) here is the explainer.

The World English Bible is a modern English translation of the King James Version. The modern version uses language we mostly understand.

The King James Version, on the other hand, is a 17th-century version of the Bible that was commissioned by King James I of England. It is still considered one of the most important and influential translations in the English language, and it played a big role in shaping the culture of those who read it. But the language in it is very dated and hard to understand.

BibleGPT Bible chatGPT ChpatGPT3 ChatGPT4 AI artificial intelligence

So where did King James get the original materials from to make his bible? It was translated from older Hebrew and Greek texts, plus the translators used old Latin versions as well.

The King James Version is known for its distinctive language and style, which was influenced by the political and cultural goings-on of its day. If you want a higher level of drama in your BibleChatGPT answers, then go with King James.

On the question of buying the cryptocurrency XRP, the AI Bible is clearly inspirational.

BibleGPT Bible chatGPT ChpatGPT3 ChatGPT4 AI artificial intelligence

BibleGPT Bible chatGPT ChpatGPT3 ChatGPT4 AI artificial intelligence

Our hearts are definitely where our treasure is. Thank you, robot Bible.