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Blue Cat Smurf Makes an Appearance at the Alan Walker Concert

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Alan Walker, a British-Norwegian music producer and DJ who gained international recognition for his electronic dance music (EDM) tracks, has kidnapped the Blue Cat Smurf Shailushai. This is official as of his concert in Singapore three days ago.

To be fair, the Blue Cat Smurf started it. The CatSmurf, also known as шайлушай or Shailushai, has become an absolute internet sensation. The CatSmurf started its life on TikTok and just snowballed into a massive thing. Here is the backstory.

As the Blue Cat Smurf became a bigger internet legend than anyone thought it would, the song the little scamp was originally paired with – Alan Walker’s “The Spectre”, and its lyrics “We live, we love, we lie” – became part of Shailushai’s rise.

In fact, when word reached Alan Walker, he was so impressed with the little forest-dwelling guy that he integrated the CatSmurf into his concert, much to the delight of the crowd in Singapore. Concert TikToks have made their way around interwebs, much to the delight of the little scamp’s fans.

Walker and Smurfcat

On a TikTok of 3 days ago Walker said: “My song ‘The Spectre’ was kidnapped by a realistic Smurf Cat this week, and I have been bombarded with this meme for the better part of a week. I asked you guys if I should embrace it, or ignore it. Well, naturally I was forced to join #teamsmurfcat. Can we finally put this meme to rest now? I have a new song to promote lol.”

Walker says that after arriving at a hotel room he discovered a sculpture of the CatSmurf waiting for him: “… found this. Congrats. You guys did it. The meme has come to life.”

Walker resisted the blue cat Smurf initially, saying, “This Smurfcat will be the end of me”.

However, now they seem to be besties. Go well, blue cat Smurf, and Alan Walker! You can stop resisting each other now.

It’s a bromance that will endure throughout space and time.