We Used AI Art Generators To Create Christmas Cards

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and we can’t wait to gather with our loved ones at a BBQ.

We still love giving and receiving Christmas cards. So, this year, we decided to make use of future technology and create several Australian-themed Christmas cards with AI.

AI art generator #1

A quick search online showed us that Coca-Cola has actually launched an AI art generator that lets users make and share “bespoke” Christmas cards. The tool was created with GPT-4 and DALL-E, both of which are owned and run by OpenAI.

Coca-Cola’s Christmas card generator works a little more systematically: we had to select an art style, a subject, and a backdrop for the card from a range of choices. Next, we’re asked to enter a prompt in a text box – here’s where we can let our imagination run free.

We continued with the prompt: “Santa Claus drinking a beer and grilling prawns at a BBQ by Bondi.” We hit ‘Create Magic’ and waited for about a minute. Not bad. Not sure if that’s an accurate depiction of Bondi Beach but we’re not offended.

We attempted another AI-generated Christmas card. This time, we entered the prompt: “Snowman melting next to a campfire while a group of kangaroos and koalas watch”.

Okay, not as depressing as we expected it to turn out.

Chillin’ by the fire.

Attempt #2

Overall, Coca-Cola’s AI-powered Christmas card generator was satisfactory, but we wanted something more chaotic and Aussie. So, we turned to Bing’s AI image generator.

We started off with a mild prompt: “Please make me a Christmas card with Aussie elements.” Instantly more Aussie than Coca-Cola’s AI art generator. However, we’re not sure if Santa’s outfit makes sense given the backdrop.

We decided to be a little more detailed with our prompt: “Please create me a Christmas card with an Australian man celebrating Christmas in an akubra holding a beer.” Spelling error in the first result, but the rest are fine.

Happy holidays, everyone.