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ChatGPT-4 — What Do We Know About the Latest Development?

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ChatGPT-4 is a new AI tool to be obsessed with, but we still are not over ChatGPT-3, which is the current AI assistant that the world is currently fangirling over. Machine learning is here, so let’s welcome our new overlord ChatGPT4.

For a full breakdown of what the new ChatGPT4 can do, click here.

While some of us are still grappling with the question, “What is artificial intelligence?” the AI world has already moved on and now AI does all sorts of stuff for us.

ChatGPT-4: A new tool

While it isn’t perfect, tools like ChatGPT and other AI can be really helpful. It can write code; it can help with blog posts. And investors in ChatGPT, Microsoft, are even trying to use it in Word and Powerpoint, among other products, so AI can help people write better documents and help them make better presentations.

Microsoft is also planning to use it with Bing search, in an effort to knock Google search off its perch. And they may just pull it off.

AI technology is here to stay and so we all better get good with using it if we want to stay in the game. Machine learning is apparently what all the cool kids are into!

ChatGPT4: What is it?

ChatGPT-4 is the rumoured next generation of the AI language model developed by OpenAI. If the upgrade is real and it hits the market, then it is expected to be released this year sometime and will be the successor to GPT-3.

GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer, which is a type of machine-learning model that is trained on large amounts of data to produce human-like text. These models use technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) to better understand and reproduce human language.

The advantage that ChatGPT has over Google search is that ChatGPT gives an answer, whereas Google gives the user a set of links to follow up and try to get an answer.

What is AI? Is it machine learning to take over?

Not according to Sam Altman, who is one of the founders of OpenAI.

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What’s new with ChatGPT4?

It is still unclear what exactly GPT-4 will bring to the table as OpenAI has not said anything officially about it. However, it is expected to improve the accuracy and efficiency of its current language model.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, stated that GPT-4 will not be much bigger than GPT-3 in terms of parameters. For comparison, GPT-3 has 175 billion parameters. GPT-4 is expected to have more, with one trillion parameters.

Another improvement that is expected is better accuracy in mimicking human behaviour and speech patterns. Hopefully, GPT-4 will be better at inferring human intentions. This means that GPT-4 could also be less susceptible to misinformation due to algorithm and machine-learning improvements.

ChatGPT-4: Learn about artificial Intelligence

It’s time to learn more about all of the AI tools available… follow us and we will keep you updated. We are just as obsessed with learning .ai as you are!