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Crypto Influencers Fly to Bahamas to Join the Hunt for SBF

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One of crypto’s biggest influencers, Ben Armstrong, who runs the YouTube channel ‘BitBoy Crypto’, has flown to the Bahamas in a bid to confront Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), the disgraced founder of failed crypto exchange FTX.

FTX was headquartered in the Bahamas and was run primarily from a 40-million-dollar penthouse located in the ‘Albany Resort’. The resort has now become the go-to destination for grumpy crypto influencers looking to dig up some more dirt on SBF.

Armstrong has been chronicling his unexpected but widely-applauded investigation in a series of Twitter posts.

On Sunday, Armstrong uploaded pictures of himself standing next to what was reportedly Sam Bankman-Fried’s Toyota Corolla which was “complete with pills in the front”.

Bitboy calls out to SBF

Armstrong also pleaded with SBF to make contact with him.

“Look [out] your window bud. I just want to talk. Come tell your story.”

Most recently, Armstrong uploaded a livestream video of himself walking around the Albany Resort until he was eventually escorted off the premises by security.

Armstrong’s bold move to fly himself to the Bahamas comes amidst a broader outcry against the coverage of Sam Bankman-Fried in the mainstream media. BitBoy has been a notorious figure for crypto enthusiasts, with many criticising BitBoy for shilling tokens and running scam-adjacent schemes. This move is being labelled by some on Crypto Twitter as a “redemption arc” for BitBoy.

It seems as though Armstrong is setting a trend, with a number of other crypto influencers choosing to follow in his footsteps.

Ice Bagz

On Saturday, pseudonymous crypto personality ‘Ice Bagz’ uploaded a photo captioned, “the hunt for SBF” which showed a number of other notable figures in the crypto community such as ‘Gainzy’ and ‘Keyboard Monkey’ having dinner together in the Bahamas.

In correspondence with The Chainsaw, ‘Gainzy’ clarified in his typical fashion, that he was actually in the Bahamas on holiday and carried no involvement in the grassroots investigation of SBF.

“Why tf would we hunt him lmao, I’m here sportsbetting and relaxing on the beach.”

Gainzy, Semi-Retired Derivatives Trader

The most recent addition to the crew of community investigators, is another notable crypto personality Gabriel Hanes, who confirmed that he had successfully crowdfunded US$10,000 to “investigate the SBF/FTX situation”.