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5 Of The Most Ridiculous NFT Collections of All Time

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Sceptics of NFTs tend to view them as speculative, worthless JPEGs and the embodiment of the ‘greater fool theory’. Proponents reject that view, arguing that NFTs are more than just a JPEG, and that they are communities that foster inclusion, artistic empowerment and provide utility to its holders. But this isn’t the forum for that debate. 

One thing is however clear – and surely both sides of the aisle would agree – the low barriers to physically creating an NFT has led to a proliferation of projects that have questionable value or purpose. Okay, that was us trying to be nice. Some projects are utter horseshit.

Most Ridiculous NFTs of All Time

Here are some of the most truly horrific, egregious examples of NFT “projects” that seemingly lack any real purpose, talent, utility or morsel of value. Or so we thought. Here are four of the most ridiculous NFT collections. Remarkably, some people actually trade dollars for these things. Let’s dive in (and hold our nose at the same time).  


First off we have the CryptoDickbutts, which in some way you just have to admire for truly not giving the slightest shit. The back story? According to OpenSea, “Once a utopia, Gooch Island has fallen and CryptoDickbutts have been evacuated”. That’s it. That’s the story.

Moving on, let’s start with the website. It’s appalling and something you’d pay a junior web designer 50 bucks on Fivver to make. Then again, no one seems to care.  

Screenshot of website, virtually no info to be found. Source: CryptoDickbutts website

Then we turn to the question of whether there is any real utility, purpose or benefit to being a holder of a phallic piece of digital art. Nada. What about a roadmap? Nope, who needs that? Best of all, they’re actually very open about it. It’s all seemingly about having a laugh. 

The collection isn’t taking itself seriously. Source: CryptoDickbutts website

Well, a laugh indeed, but at whose expense? CryptoDickbutt #181 was recently sold for 2.9 ETH or US3,459. Yup, that’s more than three times the median national monthly rent in the US for an image of a winky. And a bad one at that. A very expensive laugh that truly is one of the most ridiculous NFT collections.

CryptoDickbutt #181. Source: OpenSea

Fart Jars 

“Secure your place in NFT history with the first ever generative Fart Jar collection! Imagine the smell!”. That’s the introduction to our second most ridiculous NFT collection.

FartJar #122. Source: OpenSea.

According to the collection’s website, “wannabe Fartrepreneurs” should take notice of the collection because “For the first time ever an NFT project is giving the people what they want: FART JARS! Combine this with the deflationary mechanics, real life redeemable items and utility in the form of access to FART JAR EXTRAORDINAIRE STEPHANIE MATTO via a private discord channel for all holders. We are certain FART JARS will blow you away”. 

Turns out that Stephanie Matto is quite the entrepeneur or as she would describe herself, a “fartrepeneur”. She literally farts into a jar and sells it. That’s her shtick and apparently the NFTs are selling like hotcakes. 

Stephanie Matto. Source: Stephanie Matto’s Instagram

What then are the benefits of these odorous NFTs? Apparently you get access to Matto “for business or pleasure”, Zoom meetings, a mentor program and a profile picture and community. The extent to which farts play a role in the mentorship program or community ethos is unclear, but one could guess.

To keep her roaring business alive, Matto has been consuming all manner of gaseous foods which recently saw her having to alter her diet. You certainly can’t fault her commitment to her trade.

There’s very few people who so readily embrace the act of passing wind. But Matto and her NFT collection are the exception to the rule –the most ridiculous NFT collection to match an equally ridiculous business. 

Ugly Kitties

You may have heard of Crypto Kitties, but did you know that there is a cheaper, uglier version available? 

Ugly Kitties is a limited collection of well, Ugly Kitties by contemporary artist and designer, Ali Sabet.  Apparently, “there will be only 317 Ugly Kitties in this collection and once they’re adopted, no more will be created”. Why 317? Who knows. 

Ugly Kitties by Sabet #11. Source: OpenSea 

Owners of the US$40 NFTs will be pleased to know that they “have shared commercial rights to their NFT Ugly Kitties. The rights are shared with Sabet Brands, INC”. Although at this stage, it remains unclear who would be interested in commercialising the collection given its not exactly backed by Hollywood royalty.

With no roadmap or utility on offer, the value proposition of Ugly Kitties isn’t what you’d call rock solid. But perhaps that’s not even the point. It’s just supposed to be a picture of a cat. An ugly one. And to be fair, I’ve probably seen worse (see below).

Trippy ButtHoles 

Sorry, we just had to finish with something truly obscene. Enter the Trippy Butthole NFT collection, “a community driven project so we moon together”. Not sure how, but anyway. 

According to the collection’s Twitter bio, “THEY’RE NOT JUST BUTTHOLES THEY’RE WORKS OF ART!”.

And in case you were thinking that perhaps there was something abstract or creative going on, you’d be wrong. They are literally images of a human anus, zoomed in with various colourful filters. 

It’s not obvious whether all of these stellar works of art originate from a single butthole or several. But does it even matter? Not at all. 

Is there a purpose, utility or a community behind it? Seems no, but why bother with such trivial details, especially when you’ve got such a hot product as a Trippy ButtHole. 

You’d imagine it’s all about having a laugh, but strangely you don’t see the self-deprecating humour evident in other LOL-worthy NFT collections. Why? Are they perhaps having a laugh at the holders’ expense? 

With the average one going for 0.020 (ETH) or US$23, they aren’t exactly going to break the bank and the founders are not likely to be running off into the sunset in their Ferraris.

 But still, when you look at this collection you really wonder what the hell is going on. Are people so flush that they hand over their earnings for pictures of a colour anus? Apparently so.  

Most Ridiculous NFTs of All Time: A sign of the times?

NFT fever reached its peak in 2021, a fact embodied by Collins Dictionary naming it 2021’s ‘Word of the Year’. This year however has been somewhat less kind towards the market, with trading volumes collapsing by 88% from the peak. 

The sheer and utter ridiculousness of some of the NFT collections is surely a sign of mania that cannot persist in the long run. But as long as people are willing to spend thousands on pictures of crypto-inspired winkies, there is an argument to be made that there is more pain to come.

Whether these NFT collections make you want to laugh, cry or vomit, one thing is for sure – what an unbelievable time to be alive. Now go get yourself a TrippyButtHole or five cappuccinos, whichever you think will bring more utility to your life.