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Here’s How Gen Z Are Getting Around the ChatGPT Bans

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ChatGPT handwriting: ChatGPT is the talk of the town. It is the artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that can do everything from marketing plans to your homework. And there is a new hack to get around bans.

While the AI has enthralled we of the working world, it has left a lot of industries in a quandary, and education is one of those industries. Kids, of course, are already using ChatGPT to do their assignments. This has led to Australian public schools slowly banning the AI.

For example, the New South Wales Department of Education issued a state-wide crackdown on ChatGPT in public schools. It will introduce a firewall that will block students from accessing ChatGPT. They said that the Terms of Use require users to be 18-years-old, in a bid to reduce students from accessing the platform.

Queensland became the next state to block the AI chatbot, with a Queensland Department of Education representative saying it will be blocked for all students in public schools until it could be fully assessed.

AI in private schools

Not all schools are banning ChatGPT, however. Some want to try to work out if it could in fact be an aid to learning in the classroom. Some private school networks say that teachers had a duty to prepare pupils for the future.

And, teachers have a new weapon. A new AI on the market promises to be able to detect text generated by ChatGPT and other AI.

Edward Tian, a computer science student at Princeton University in the US, recently posted a Twitter thread explaining how he built an app called GPTZeroX that can quickly and efficiently detect whether or not an essay is written by humans or AI.

Handwriting hack

Most schools are becoming a zero-paper environment. But for those schools where students still hand in their homework as handwritten papers, then here is an idea. A handy boffin has worked out how to hook a 3D printer up to a pen and get it to write words input by text.

The boffin got ChatGPT to write an essay, and then the text was uploaded to the 3D printer.  

If you have a 3D printer and want to use it to write, here are the instructions on how to hook it up with a pen and go forth.

And here is how it will look once you upload your ChatGPT text into the 3D printer. This is quite the complicated hack.

Before the bell goes, know this one thing. Teachers at your school will become wise to your shenanigans very soon, dear students, so hey, here’s an idea. Actually sit down and do your homework and learn stuff, okay?

Whether the AI of choice is ChatGPT3 or ChatGPT4 or even Sparrow, ChatGPT handwriting is a way to hack your homework. You heard none of this from us, by the way.