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Why Is My Baby Crying? Don’t Worry, AI Can Now Help

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AI is here to rescue both you and your baby.

All parents and grandparents have been there – when a baby is crying endlessly and no one can work out why. Clean nappy? Check. Fed? Check. Hot? No. Cold? Nope. Wind? No. Tired? Nope. Need attention? No. It’s exasperating. But now, the world of parenting promises to be much easier, thanks to a new AI-led device.

A new gadget called Q-bear is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help understand a baby’s crying.

Boffins at Taiwanese company Quantum Music, have spent a lot of time developing the Q-bear. They did this by feeding an AI bot 10,000 rows of crying data. The boffins then developed algorithms around the crying files, which they say “can precisely identify babies’ needs based on their 10-second crying patterns.”

The device also promises to perform “a pain and discomfort analysis” to stay on top of the baby’s mood.

If the AI senses that the baby is tired, it can play a lullaby. It can also recreate noises of the womb, and it has a special light that aids sleep which it can switch on.


AI baby app notifications

Parents using the AI can download an app to their phone, and will get notifications about how comfortable the baby feels. The device can check the humidity, temperature, how much the baby wees, it can detect pain and of course, it can sense if there is a dirty nappy happening.

Hikari Tsai is the CEO of Quantum Music shared that Parents, especially first-time parents, have a difficult time juggling career demands and family life. We invented Q-bear to assist parents in understanding their babies and consequently providing more support to both parent and child.

Q-bear also promises to learn as it goes along. The company claims that the system has the highest level of accuracy (95%) when it comes to working out what is wrong with your baby.


Dr. Meiwen Wang, the Co-developer of Qbear says, Q-bear can precisely identify four basic baby needs, such as being fussy, overtired, hungry, or in need of a diaper change. It is designed to help parents understand their newborn baby’s needs and make accurate decisions as quickly as possible.

Q-bear can be used on a tabletop, hang from a wall, or be mounted in a cot. The app that comes with the device is compatible with Alexa.

What happens when the device fails? Sometimes, babies cry for no obvious reason. They just want to have a good wail. It will be interesting to see if the Q-bear will be able to tell parents to just hang in there.