what is Runway motion brush?

What is Runway Motion Brush? AI Video Generation Just Got Wild

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Professional video makers and even people who mess around with AI just got their brains blown by a new feature in Runway that was teased this week. Runway is a platform that uses AI to help creative types to enhance their images. The new tool, called Runway Motion Brush, is still under development, but it has already been used to create some impressive results.

Runway Motion Brush

The buzz around the new tool is one of anticipation and excitement.

Runway’s Motion Brush allows users to add controlled motion to their still images and videos. 

It works by using a combination of machine learning and optical flow to apply movement to objects in the scene. This allows users to create realistic and dynamic animations without having to manually animate every frame of the image.

How to use Motion Brush

1. Import your still image or video into Runway

2. Select the Motion Brush tool from the toolbar

3. Click and drag on the image to create a stroke. The stroke will be applied to the objects in the image that are most similar in colour and texture to the pixels that were clicked

4. The user can fiddle with the toolbar to change the speed, direction, and other elements of motion

5. Click the Generate button to render the animation

Motion Brush effects

You can use the tool to:

·Make objects in a still image appear to move

·Create realistic hair and fur movement

·Add motion to water and other liquids

·Animate objects that are not moving in the original image

Workplace Creativity

The Motion Brush makes it possible to create animations without having to manually animate every frame of the image. This can save businesses a huge wad of time and money.

There are many applications that come to mind in the workplace. This includes creating product demos and explainer videos, developing social media content, creating training materials and more.