Startup Victoria Web3 and AI Pitch Night. Image Source: Family Guy

There’s a Web3 and AI Pitch Night In Melbourne That’s Going to be Presided Over By An AI Judge

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Picture this: It’s 2023. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 are eating the world. You are keen to meet with like-minded people to dive deeper into the technology. Well, good news! Because the future is now and you can look no further.

On May 30, Startup Victoria, Australia’s largest independent startup community, is hosting an Advanced Tech, Web3, and AI Pitch Night. The event will see teams vying to present their business plans to a panel of four judges, and convince them that their ideas would work.

AI will be judging

Since AI machines reportedly already possess ‘general intelligence’, so why not put it to the test? On Pitch Night, a special AI-powered judge will be part of the adjudicating panel. We expect that the ‘robot judge’ would be a challenge to impress.   

Melbourne: Where and when?

The Advanced Tech, Web3, and AI Pitch Night will take place for one night only, on Tuesday 30th May, from 6:00PM to 8:30PM at The Capitol on Swanston Street, Melbourne.

Ryan Burns, Events and Marketing Manager at Startup Victoria, shared with The Chainsaw that reception for the event has been “incredibly positive”, and that there will be an estimated turnout of over 400 attendees.

“The choice of The Capitol as our venue has been a major highlight. This historic art deco building, generously provided by our friends at RMIT, offers a stunning backdrop for the event, immersing attendees in its rich history and modern ambiance,” Burns adds.

He also says that the theme of this Pitch Night, focused on Advanced Tech, Web3, and AI, has “struck a chord with our community.”

“AI, in particular, has become increasingly popular and relevant in today’s tech landscape, driving heightened interest and engagement,” he explains.

Aside from the AI judge, the esteemed panel of human judges include Lisa Teh of Web3 marketing agency Mooning, Nikita Le Messurier, Startup Advisor at Amazon Web Services (AWS), Ellen Sullivan, Director of the Innovation Lab at Melbourne Business School, and Andy Lee, co-founder of Wilder World.

Web3 and AI Pitch Night: Prizes

What do winners get? Heaps. The winning team will be rewarded with $10,000 AWS Credit, and finalists will be given $5,000 AWS Credit.

Here’s what else is in the goodie bag for winners and those who make it to the finals:

  • Free one-year membership for Startup Victoria.
  • Waived volume fees at Stripe, valued at $50,000.
  • Free one-month access to an outbound program, with weekly consulting sessions at Pointer, valued at $13,500.
  • Two three-hour workshops that will help technical/product development, at Common Code, valued at $3,300.
  • One half-day strategy workshop or business value assessment at BlueRock, valued at $3,000.
  • Free one-hour consultation for both legal and accounting services at Luna.
  • Free one-hour of mentoring from a team at Rampersand.

… and so much more. In other words, if participants intend to launch a business with the products pitched – from branding, to strategy, to accounting matters, to legal advice – they will have all grounds covered.

Ryan Burns says: “Our monthly Pitch Nights serve as a testament to our mission and to the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Victoria.”

“[The event] showcases the strong reception and support our community has for Startup Victoria… with more individuals from diverse backgrounds joining us, [it] demonstrates the vibrant and inclusive nature of the Australian startup ecosystem,” he adds.

Want more?

Tickets to attend are only $20, but if you are a Startup Victoria member, you can attend for free. Those who aren’t Startup Victoria members already can sign up here.

The event is made possible thanks to the partnership between Startup Victoria, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Melbourne Business School. So, if you are keen to explore what Australia’s Web3 and AI scene has to offer, and mingle with founders and professionals, you’re invited.

If health and nutrition is more your vibe, the organisation has partnered with ‘Shark Tank’ contestant Kate Save for a talk and networking event on June 21. Tickets here.

If you are reading this but aren’t based in Melbourne, don’t be too sad just yet. Startup Victoria will be travelling interstate for the first time, and hosting its first ever ‘soirée’ in Sydney on June 1. Rumour has it, they’re going national. Tickets here.

Last but not least, Burns also shared with The Chainsaw that there will be two major announcements on Pitch Night that will “undoubtedly generate excitement.” – I wouldn’t miss it if I were you.